Woman Accidentally Wins $2 Million After Buying Wrong Lottery Tickets

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A women from North Carolina got an unexpected win. A woman bought a lottery ticket that she was not looking for and accidentally won $1.4 Million.

According to lottery officials, Elizabeth Johnson of Lucama, about 50 miles east of Raleigh, scrambled to get her numbers into a Wednesday night Powerball drawing but missed the 9:57 p.m. limit for purchasing a ticket using Online Play by one minute.

On the other hand, her Quick Pick ticket was valid for the drawing three days later, earning her a $2 million reward. So the quick pick came like a God there.

Her lucky $3 Power Play ticket matched the numbers on all five white balls, winning her $1 million, which was multiplied by two when the 2X multiplier was drawn, so the total winning was $2 Million.

According to lottery authorities, the chances of matching all five white balls are 1 in 11.6 million.

According to the winners, they explained the situation in detail and said that they were in total shock, Johnson said in the news post. Also, Johnson said that “When he got the message stating that she got won and she didn’t play the lottery that night”.

A total of three family members, including her child, were happy to hear the news with $2 million winnings, and her husband also cheered up. Her husband did not believe that she really won the lottery, but later that time, her husband got to trust in the news.

After a tax deduction by state laws, Johnson received $1,415,001. With her newfound wealth, she intends to purchase a home and take a vacation.

She explained, “The kids want to travel to Disneyland.” “We’ve never been, but now we will.” The family is now happy, and they are all in the mood for enjoyment and travel. The kids are cheered up with the thought of Disneyland, and why not!


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Woman Accidentally Wins $2 Million After Buying Wrong Lottery Tickets
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Woman Accidentally Wins $2 Million After Buying Wrong Lottery Tickets
A North Carolina woman is now a millionaire after she accidentally Wins $2 Million after buying wrong lottery tickets. A woman from Lucama, North Carolina, bought the wrong lottery tickets and won $2 million. Elizabeth missed drawing by just one minute late, but her quick pick made her win the $2 million prize. Her lucky powerplay of #3 made her win $1 million, and quick pick made a total win of $2 million. She took home $1,415,001 after tax deduction. Now the family are planning a trip to Disneyland and on vacation.
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