Winning $1 Million Mega Millions ticket sold in Michigan

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The Mega millions jackpot worth $25 millions on the 29th Jan, 2021 was claimed by no winner but there was a winner for $1 million. A player from Michigan claimed a prize for $1 million on Friday 29th June for the Mega millions second tier prize.
The Mega millions jackpot is rolled to $41 millions for the next draw which will be on 2nd Feb,2021 Friday. Mega millions results are drawn twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday at 11pm.

Winning numbers for Mega millions jackpot 29th Jan, 2021- 04,44,58,59,70

Gold Mega ball- 03

Megaplier- 03

Jackpot prize for 29th Jan,2021- $25 millions

Winner won $1 million, one of the second tier prizes.

Odds of winning the mega millions jackpot is 1 in 302.5 million

Mega millions winning tickets worth $1 million were sold at the Meijer gas station located at 3900 West U.S. in Ludington. A total of 265,764 tickets were sold which won $4 tickets prize out of which 10,421 were sold in Michigan. Multiple winners for $4 from Michigan were there for this particular drawing.

If the $1 million winner applied the Megaplier then the winning amount would have increased to $3 millions.

How to play the Mega million jackpot?

  • The player is supposed to choose a total 6 numbers from 2 separate pools of numbers. 5 main numbers are to be picked from the integer pool of 1 to 70 and one Mega ball is to be picked from integer pool of 1 to 25.
  • Numbers can be manually picked or the Easy Pick option is available for automatic random number generation. It is necessary to explore the entire range and not just pick from a particular series or cluster. Exploring the entire given range will increase the chances of winning.
  • To win the jackpot all 6 numbers have to match the winning ticket. Megaplier option is applied in the second tier prizes and not in the jackpot amount.

Previous Megamillions Results

Date Powerball Lottery Results
26th January 2021 29,  49,  56,  66, 67 Mega ball- 24 Megaplier – 3x
22nd January 2021 04,  26,  42,  50, 60 Mega ball – 24 Megaplier – 2x
19th January 2021 10,  19,  26,  28, 50 Mega ball – 16 Megaplier – 2x
15th January 2021 03,  11,  12,  38,  43 Mega ball – 15 Megaplier- 4x
12th January 2021 12,  14,  26,  28,  33 Mega ball – 09 Megaplier- 2x

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