Win Quick Money By Playing Bonoloto

Quick money making

The BonoLoto is a really popular lotto site that offers great chances of winning to the players.

Let us first understand how to play it and then how to win quick money buy playing it.

bonoloto lottery

How To Play

You can bet in BonoLoto by selecting 6 numbers from a table of 49 number. (The numbers are 1 to 49). Each bet costs you 0.50 euros while the minimum cost of one full ticket is 1 euro which can change according to demand. The cost of playing a bet can be calculated in this way.

If you want to enter into a draw, you need to include at least 2 bets which cost 0.50 euros which means 2 bets equal to 1 draw equals which equal to 1 euro. If you want to enter into multiple draws, you can decide to make a single bet or more as per your desire, which means 0.50 euro for 1 bet and 2 draws equals to 1 euro.

How to choose a combination is what people wonder and to play BonoLoto, you need to select 6 numbers for each bet you make manually or you can let it be randomly chosen as well. It also allows you to make more than one bet which can help increase the chances of winning.

When you make a single bet you can play a minimum of 1 bet and maximum of 8 on the same ticket bought, with the 6 numbers for each bet to play a bet. Mark the numbers in the first block. If you want to play 2 bets you can mark the numbers in the first two blocks and so on. Each bet would cost you 0.50 euros.

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If you decide to make multiple bets you will have to choose the 6 numbers and mark them on the first block of the ticket. Also, take into consideration that the more numbers you choose the more sections you get and it will cost you more to bet. You will be able to play the following multiples. If you choose the 42 bet box, you have to select the first 5 numbers of the block and set that gets made of those number combines with each of the other numbers and gives 42 sets of six predictions which are 42 bets.

Every multiple determines the number of bets to be paid for. There are two draws for you to select from which are Daily Draw and weekly draw.

The daily draw is a one only draw, it is from Monday to Saturday. To participate in this draw you need to play to bets at least. If the ticket is validated from Sunday to Monday, it will mean that you participate in the Monday draw.

The weekly draw is when you wish to participate in the weekly draws from Monday to Saturday.

The BonoLoto offers 55% of the funds collected as prices which are distributed in various categories. There are a total of 5 categories that you can be in to win.

First: If you get all the 6 numbers of the combination.

Second: If you get 5 numbers of the combination, plus the extraction of that matches the complementary number. (A complementary number is a number which is drawn extra besides the 6 number of the winning lot. It gives the players an additional chance to win the 2nd prize).

Third: If you get just the 5 numbers of the winning combination.

Fourth: The fourth is getting the 4 digits winning combination.

Fifth: The last way to win is to get 3 digits.

The payment is disbursed on the date of the draw.

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