Win At EuroMillions Online To Earn Quick Money


How To Play It Online
Learning to play the Lotto perfectly is important. It is not just about buying a ticket and hoping for a miracle to happen. You need to understand the stats behind the lotto and the odds that you are playing against before purchasing the ticket or making the choice of numbers.

To play EuroMillions, you need to make an online account on the site and follow these steps.

Check the ticket price and pick the playslip with the numbers that you want to play draw with.

The lotto gives you options to play between 3 to 5 lines per transaction by either selecting the numbers on your own or choosing the random number selector ‘Quick Pick’.

EuroMillions Jackpot

The next step is to select the number of draws that you wish to enter. The lotto provides discounts if you enter in more draws.

The EuroMillions gives the players a chance to purchase tickets for 52 draws in Advance.

Click on the play button and move to complete registration.

Enter the details required to complete registration and pay for the ticket that you have selected.

If you purchase the tickets from an agent, it can be scanned into the online account as well.

If you get the winning combination, you get notified via email or text and the winning get claimed on your behalf. Mostly, the winning get transferred to the account and can be withdrawn or used to purchase the tickets again. If you win a large amount of prize money, you get to contact the lotto representative who would guide you through the claim process to help you out.

The game offers 13 different prize tiers to the players. The estimated amount of jackpot gets published before the draw and the exact amount of prize in each tier is calculated on the basis of tickets that sold for that particular draw and how many winning tickets are in that draw and tiers.

EuroMillion Lucky Stars

The players have to choose 5 balls from a pool of 50 numbers and two additional numbers which are called ‘Lucky Stars’ from a different pool of 12 numbers.

The price tiers start from 5 numbers+2 lucky stars which are the main jackpot which gets lower with numbers and stars decreasing in each tier. The chances of winning overall are 1 and 13. It is a safe way to play lotto online and does some good charity work as well.