More Lottery

A gamble of numbers rewarding small or big jackpots when one is graced with luck describes the lottery. A lottery is a tempting way of minting money by scratch cards, lotto games or daily numbers which makes an individual lucky with the win irrespective of cast, creed or gender. Lotteries are undoubtedly an attraction to the ones who are financially stable and also to the ones who are trying to grasp their living. Although, not everybody is lucky to win the chance but there is no one who would not like to take a try for it. A one time dive into the lottery system makes it exciting for every other time and becomes difficult to wave a goodbye to it. Even though hopes are exhausting, they keep the spirit alive and lottery gives a real productive hope of fortune.

Who is more fond of chasing the lottery? Well, there can be no certainty of human nature but… taking an insight into the study of “ who buys more lottery tickets” over the decade, it turns out that the poor or below average class of the society is lured by the lottery concept. Approximately, 9% of their total income of the below average class is invested in the lottery tickets or scratch cards. Not an unexpected answer at all, as they cannot earn a white collar amount from their jobs, they would prefer trying their luck in the lotteries for a silver plated amount. A few more parameters as to why the poor people would invest their hard earned money in lotteries.

The unfortunate ones want to “avoid feeling unfortunate-To avoid this bug they invest into lottery tickets creating a thin layer of illusion in their minds of earning an overnight fortune. Human thoughts have no boundaries thus, it has been studied that the poor class consists of a constant flow of comparative thoughts with the upper classes which inculcates insecurity and jealousy in them which eventually indulges them into buying lottery tickets or scratch cards to reach up to the upper class standards. Their income does not allow them to explore amenities hence, such lotteries and lotto games become their depending wheel.

Education plays a vital role – Higher class masses are educated to understand the investment level. Whereas the low income mass are devoid of education, get excited for such lotteries and fail to understand that lotteries are only a luck by chance game and one will not always be lucky to win. Lack of such understanding continues to elevate their lottery ticket shopping resulting in waste of money. When guidance to this section of the society is provided regarding the economic evaluation from the experienced ones, ignorance is the only response. This makes no rational sense, people with less earning should never invest their money on “luck affairs” and save it for more productivity. It seems as if the small pockets are getting smaller with the ringing bell of hope. Hence, education plays a vital role.

Government aids- Government loops in more tax from the poor people by aggravating them to invest into lotteries through ads on various mediums. Tax should be incurred from the upper class earning a good living but it appears more harmful for the poor section. To avoid the unnecessary slip into the lottery system, one should avoid such ads continuing their routine to earn and save without distractions. Distractions are the biggest enemy of humankind making their growth stunted. Tech- gadgets, social media aren’t the real distraction, emotions like anxiety, fear, restlessness, numbness are the factors that creates distractions which pushes an individual to indulge into lottery systems. To avoid any kind of stress or comparative analysis with the upper class, they find it easy to corporate such temporary happiness of lottery systems. Paying money to buy lottery tickets empties the poor people’s bags but fills up the tax income of the government.

Summing up the “luck by chance chat show”, it reflects amazing when seen from distance but when the hurdles are experienced it drains an individual while investing into tickets. The ones whose lucks are charmed are fortunate enough to brag the story, but it is difficult to patiently wait till your turn comes. Gambling is an unfavorable game which may favor unexpectedly to any class of the society without any alarm. Until then, do not waste too much and keep working hard!!