Who are the biggest Powerball & Mega Millions Winners in the World?

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Powerball & Mega Millions Biggest Lotto Jackpot

Powerball & Mega millions lottery tops the chart in the lottery industry. They attract a huge mass of players due to the heavy payout and the ease of accessibility. Lotteries are a matter of luck and immense patience. It is a myth to win the lottery at one go. It has to be played over and over before you win the jackpot. The more you play, the more you understand the aesthetics of the lotto play. The Powerball and Mega millions lottery are originally US based lotteries and with time they are available in multiple countries through online lottery tickets.

A ticket has matched the winning numbers of a ticket worth $864.1 million on Wednesday evening. Such news definitely attracts individuals to another level. Well, this is not the largest lottery won in the Powerball or Mega millions history. History has proved that players turned winners from Powerball & Mega millions winning numbers have been the luckiest winners.

Let us have a glimpse of the biggest winners of the Powerball & Mega millions lottery.

Mega Millons Winning Number - Biggest Jackpot

11.$536 millions, Mega Millions Lottery

A winning ticket worth $536 millions of Mega millions was one in Indiana on July 8, 2016. The winner had his life turned upside down.

10.$543 millions, Mega Millions Lottery

On July24, 2018 Mega millions winning lottery ticket rolled in the lap of a winner in California. Only one ticket was sold on the day of winning in California.

Powerball Winning Numbers - biggest lottery jackpots

9.$559 millions, Powerball Lottery

A winner in New Hampshire got lucky with the winning Powerball lottery ticket on 6TH January, 2018.

8. $564.1 millions, Powerball Lottery

Two winning tickets were revealed for a jackpot worth $564.1 millions in Texas, North Carolina and Puerto Rico on 11th February, 2015

7.$587 millions, Powerball Lottery

On 28th November 2012, two winners were announced for the Powerball jackpot worth $587 millions.

6. $590.5 millions, Powerball Lottery

This huge Powerball lottery was won by Gloria MacKenzie on 18th May, 2013 in Florida.

5. $6488 millions, Mega Millions Lottery

Ira Curry of Stone Mountain Ga. Won the Mega millions lottery on 17th December 2013 in California. One more ticket was won in Georgia . Ira quotes “ the mega millions winning numbers of her lottery ticket was a combination of birthday date and the lucky numbers.”

4. $656 millions, Mega Million Lottery

This huge lottery amount was won on 20th March in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas.

3. $687.8 millions, Powerball Lottery

Two winners claimed the lottery at Iowa and New York respectively on 27th October, 2018.

2.$758 millions, Powerball Lottery

Mavis Wancyk from Chicopee, Mass claimed the lottery on 23rd October 2017. It was the largest single winning lottery in USA history.

1.$1.6 billions, Powerball Lottery

The record breaking Powerball lottery was won on 13th January, 2016 at three places- California, Tenessa and Florida.

The outstanding lottery wins have changed the lives of the winners upside down by fulfilling more than their dreams.

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Biggest Lotto Jackpot - Powerball & Megamillions Lotto Winners
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