Vikinglotto – The Belgian National Lottery is releasing a new International Drawing Game

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Belgian players being driven by the Vikinglotto

Winning a lottery is a dream for a million individuals which would turn their life upside-down.  Vikinglotto is one such lottery existing in Northern Europe since 1993. Now, the wave of Vikinglotto has reached Belgian too. Belgian players can tighten their seat belts to play and  win the Vikinglotto from the November end.

This is a new international lottery being launched in Belgian by the National lottery. It has existed since 1993 in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

In 2017, it was introduced to Slovenia and prior that Iceland has joined the Vikinglotto club. With constant expansion, the lottery reached Belgian with its offer to participate in this lottery.

Playing Rules

The pattern to play is quite similar to other international lotteries.  Players are supposed to pick six numbers from the pool of integers between 1 to 48. A bonus number called the Viking number is to be picked from 1 to 8.

The 6 numbers and the Viking number are picked from different pools therefore, there is a possibility of one digit repeating twice. The jackpot is drawn on every Wednesday at 8:00 CET at Norsk Tipping in Hammar, Norway.

Victory Reward of the Jackpot

Ticket price varies in every country starting from €0.80 in Latvia, 90kr in Iceland to €10.00 in Belgium.

The Vikings Jackpot prize begins from €3millions and keeps rolling up to €35 millions. Tickets are available at in-store and online both countries. IN Belgian, players can purchase online lottery tickets only.

Jackpot prize and the second tier prize amounts are contributed by them on a mutual basis. The arrangement is similar to Euromillions with a small distinction which is that all the countries have common prize categories.

Belgian offers the highest amount of prize tiers, approximately 9 prize tiers. Players are granted all the safe facilities from the National lottery to play and win.