US Grocery Store Wins Rs 2.5 Lakh after Selling Jackpot Lottery, Spends it on Free Thanksgiving Meal

thanksgiving meal

“Happy thanksgiving from US Grocery Store with a Free Meal”

All of us keep wondering about winning a lottery and it is a dream come true for a million people. A lady in South Carolina, USA won a once-in-a-lifetime lottery in Scratch card lottery win worth $350,000 (2,58,55,372 INR).

The store that sold the lottery ticket is winning applause as they are hosting a free thanksgiving meal for all the needy and homeless people in the area. Taking up this day to donate has been the most divine act of the store owner and manager together.

Charitable act of the store on Thanksgiving

KP Food Mart In Anderson, a local food store is an outlet for distributing lottery tickets and on selling the winning ticket it showered a free meal on the auspicious Thanksgiving day.

It is a two month old store and the owner states that they would be extremely happy to host the free meal for the community. The entire staff has undoubtedly helped to sail the ship of charity.

Thanksgiving meals consist of turkeys, pie, tarts, green bean casserole, roles and many other side dishes and they are prepared to serve it all.

The free meal dinner has helped boost up the sales of the tickets and widened the store recognition together. It is said that December is a month of celebrations in the USA and Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate it together with the family. This local store has given the homeless and needy an opportunity to fill in their tummies and feel at home with the warmth of the store staff.

Aggi Tarnowski, the owner of the store states that they will serve all traditional Thanksgiving dishes along with lots of joy.

It is going to be open for walk-in traffic people and homeless people around. Melissa Grimmette, the manager of the store spills that they often have needy people coming around and Aggi serves them with biscuits. So the kind soul decided to host this dinner so that the needy should not feel left out.

Lottery commission gifted to the needy

The store received $3500 for the winning lottery which they earned for selling $10 Mighty Jumbo Bucks which eventually won the grand price. The same earning will be now utilized in the good deed of hosting a thanksgiving free meal.

The store was feeding the free meal from the lottery ticket commission but the neighbors have also contributed to the massive dinner expenses.

The owner states that this meal has been a good opportunity for a foreigner like her to serve the local community. Also, they have cooked for approximately 30 people but no one will be turned down on this day. Anybody who comes will be greeted warm enough with a filled tummy.

Such human traits showcase how beautiful the human world is. Though there are clouds but a silver lining is always there, we only need to find it. Lottery making such good deals is not hard to believe as majority earnings from ticket sales goes to the charitable trust from many lottery organizations.