UK49’s Teatime Lottery Winning Numbers for 23rd December, 2020

The UK Teatime lottery results

The UK Teatime lottery is one of the most popular and the biggest jackpots in the UK and South America. It’s reach is high and the approach is easy. The UK49’s lottery is revealed twice a day everyday. Along with the UK49’s teatime results there is also a UK49’s lunchtime results for the players. The teatime results are unfolded at 5:49 p.m. GMT & lunchtime results are unfolded at 12:49p.m. GMT. Even though the Teatime result timings may differ at times, the lunchtime result timings remain constant. During the winter span of October – February, the teatime results are held at 4:49 p.m. and from February- October it is held at 5;49P.M.

Winning numbers for UK49’s on 23rd December,2020- 02,06,18,35,39,43, Booster- 19.

The hot numbers or the most frequently popping numbers in the UK49’S lottery over the months has been 47,37,19,15,23 and 18 and the booster number being 31,25,9,19 and 35. Not necessary to choose from the hot numbers, players are free to select numbers on their preference. The list of hot numbers gives them a helping hand while selecting the numbers to Win the Jackpot.

How to play the UK49’S Lottery Game?

  • The UK49’s teatime lottery is quite similar to other national and international lotteries. Players have to choose 6 numbers and one booster number from the integer pool of 1 to 49.
  • It is not compulsory to play 6 or 7 numbered draws, players are free to select whichever draw they want to play.
    Although, the 7 digit draw comprises the booster number which opens more chances of winning the lottery.
  • The numbers can be selected manually or the lucky dip can also be used to select the numbers.

Winning Prizes of UK49’s Jackpot

The jackpot winning depends on the numbers matched from the numbers selected. If the player matches 5 numbers from the winning numbers in a 7 number draw then the prize is £40,000. If 5 numbers match the winning numbers in the 6 number draw then a jackpot worth £125,000 is given.

If the player has a match of 4 winning numbers in the 6 number draw then the prize is £7,200 and for 7 number draw it is £3,800.
If there is a match of 3 numbers in the 6 number draw then the prize is worth £601 and for the 7 number draw the prize is worth £330.
An easy play with precise differentiation prizes are held at the UK49’S lottery game.

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