UK49s Lunchtime Winning Numbers Rolled Out for 10th January, 2021

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The UK49s Lunchtime lottery is one of the most famous lotteries in South Africa and the UK. Considering the buzz of this lottery, innumerable blindly invest into this lottery hoping for a jackpot prize. It is a daily lottery and it draws twice a day regularly.
There are two segments in this lottery

The Lunchtime Lottery and the tea time lottery. The lunchtime lottery results are drawn at 12:49 GMT and the teatime lottery is drawn at 5:49 GMT. Lunchtime lottery races up the lunch hour and teatime lottery makes the evening delightful.

The lottery timings for lunchtime lottery remains constant while the teatime lottery results vary. From October to February, the teatime lottery is drawn at 4:49 p.m. and from Feb to Oct it draws at 5:49p.m GMT.

Winning numbers for lunchtime lottery 10th Jan,2021- 01, 11, 16, 28, 39, 44 Booster no – 42

The lottery ticket for the lunchtime lottery costs A£1.

How to play the Lunchtime Lottery?\

  • The lunchtime lottery is very easy and highly accessible to play. The players need to pick 6 numbers and a booster number from the integer pool of 1 to 49.
  • The players can play either the 6 numbered draw or the 7 numbered draw.
  • The booster number is included in the 7 number draw which increases the chances of winning the jackpot.
  • Numbers can be picked manually or the Lucky dip is always available to pick the random numbers.

Winning Structure of the Lottery

  • If a player matches one number in the 6 number draw then the player wins A£7 and if the same takes place in 7 number draw then A£6 is the winning amount.
  • For the match of 2 numbers in the 6 number draw, the winning prize is A£54 and in the 7 number draw, A£39 is the winning amount
  • For the match of 3 numbers in 6 number draw the prize is A£601 and in 7 number draw the prize is A£330. For the match of 4 numbers in the 6 number draw the winning prize is A£7200 and for the 7 number draw it is worth A£3800 and so on.


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UK49s lunchtime 7 teatime lotteries are popular in the UK and South Africa with exciting prizes & easy access. Winning numbers for the lunchtime lottery 10th Jan are 01,11,16,28,39,44 Booster no- 42.
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