Tradie wins $10 million in Powerball draw but won’t stop working

Powerball Lottery

Queensland had a Powerball winner for the jackpot worth $10 millions on the 20th Jan,2021. The anonymous winner from Brisbane suburb of Sandgate thought of checking his email at midnight at 2am. The midnight sneak in the emails rewarded him wealthy enough with the Powerball jackpot win.

The winner states “ I am not addicted to playing lotto games but I only play Powerball jackpot now and then when the prize gets big enough.”

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“Initially I calmed down myself seeing the $10,000 win but then I realised that I had won more than that. I had won the top prize of the Powerball lottery” says the anonymous young winner.

Powerball 1288 winning numbers for the lottery draw – 29, 35, 19, 15, 06, 22

Powerball number – 14.

The young man in his mid 30s who is self employed chooses to keep working even after the lottery win.

The winner says- “ I am self employed, so I have still got to work and I will keep working even after this. I have always said that even if I win the lottery I will prefer to continue working. If I don’t work I will get bored, but this just takes all the worries away.”

Powerball lotto winner lucky

He is one of the two division one winners in the draw. The other winner is a person from NSW who has been identified well.
The winner states that he plans to buy a new house and buy his mother a house too. “I am sure I will think of a lot of other things for utilising the winning money but currently it still feels like a dream.”

This has undoubtedly been a fairytale for the young self employed winner in Queensland.

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How to play the Powerball jackpot?

  • The player is supposed to pick a total 6 numbers from different pools of numbers. 5 numbers are to be selected from the integer pool of 1 to 69 and one Powerball number from the integer pool of 1 to 26.
  • Numbers can be manually picked or the QuickPick option is available for automatic random number generation.
  • Applying the Power play option, the second tier winning can be increased by 2x,3x or 4x. It can be applied only to the second tier prizes and not the jackpot amount.
  • Per play the amount is $1. If power play is applied then an extra dollar is to be paid.
  • To win the jackpot all 6 numbers have to match the winning ticket. Second tier prizes are also availed for the players who match fewer balls with the winning ticket.