Toronto woman wins $60 millions worth Lotto Max for which winning numbers came to husband in “Dream”

Toronto woman wins $60 million Lotto Max lottery

Toronto woman wins $60 million Lotto Max lottery

A woman in Toronto named Deng Pravatoudom wins a Lotto Max jackpot worth $60 millions. She has been playing the lottery for almost 20 years with the same numbers. The numbers once appeared in her husband’s dreams and since the same numbers have been put to play. The 57 year old lady states “All the hardship is now over” while accepting her check on Monday. She has been playing the Lotto Max jackpot since the longest time now and is very thorough with the Lotto max jackpot rules.

Unemployment turned into a big fortune

It was 1980 that she had migrated to Canada with her 14 siblings. They were empty handed hence, a church had supported them for several years. She says that they all are extremely grateful for the shelter they had been given for years.

With time they all started settling down in their own lives with hardwork and attempts. “My husband and I have worked very hard for 40 years as general labourers, saving and growing as much as possible.” They have lived a life of hardship and happiness together, says Deng Pravatoudom.

Unaware of the pandemic wave coming and spreading in our lives globally, we lost our jobs. Being the mother of two adult children and grandmother to two kids, this was a big hard on us. Even though they were unemployed they didn’t lose hope. Deng continued to play the Lotto Max jackpot as earlier times and waited for some miracle to happen.

Prayers turned our dream into reality. The winning numbers that her husband had told her came true. Deng Pravtoudom won the Lotto Max jackpot worth $60 millions on Monday, 18th Jan,2021.

How did it happen?

One day while travelling to the nearby mall to run a few errands in North York she checked her latest Lotto Max lottery ticket. It turned out that she had won a Free play and decided to add “Encore.”

A few days later she realized that she had won the jackpot worth $60 million with that free ticket. While she had gone to the bank for some work, it was her husband who kept checking the ticket and matching the numbers. When she came out it was her husband who informed her about the win.

“I was ecstatically happy and crying at the same time” when she found out about the Lotto Max jackpot winning from Dec 1, 2020.

Utilizing the Lottery Money

Deng says that with this money they will be able to pay the bills, debts and above that they will be buying a new house and a car. Also the most important being that she wishes to help her children with whatever needs and requirements they have unlike the earlier times. She doesn’t want her kids to struggle the way they have.

Toronto woman wins $60 millions worth Lotto Max for which winning numbers came to husband in "dream"
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Toronto woman wins $60 millions worth Lotto Max for which winning numbers came to husband in "dream"
Toronto woman wins $60 millions in Lotto max jackpot for which the winning numbers were her husband's dream. She has been playing the lotto since 20years with the same numbers and got lucky amidst the pandemic. She also happens to be the first virtual winner in 2021 while the pandemic hits the world.
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