Top tips to know about playing the Sikkim Lottery in India

Tips to know about playing the Sikkim lottery

Sikkim lottery offers you to win Rs 10 crore with just a ticket of Rs 6. Yes, this is true. This is why the Sikkim lottery is the best lottery in India. Sikkim lottery has various games where you can win more. There are smaller prizes of Rs 10,000 and bigger prizes up to 10 crores.

Where to play the Sikkim lottery?

The government of Sikkim changes the subject from time to time, so there are different kinds of games to play. The game name also changes from time to time to be more interested in the lottery game.

So, you will have a question in mind that how to play lottery online? But unfortunately, the Sikkim lottery is not playable through online mode. It is only playable offline. Sikkim government does not allow s player to play online because of security issue. But there are a bunch of exciting games available to play and win more:

  • BigWin jackpot
  • Dear Labhlaxmi
  • Sikkim Dear Morning Lottery
  • Sikkim Dear Evening Lottery
  • Sikkim bumper draws
  • Derby Weekly Scheme

BigWin Jackpot

BigWin jackpot offers you to win Rs 21 lacks by just buying a ticket of Rs 10. There are smaller prices too.

Place Prize amount
1st Rs 21 Lacks
2nd Rs 10 Lacks
3rd 5 Lacks
4th Rs 1000
Special 1 Rs 100
Special 2 Rs 65

Dear Labhlaxmi Lottery

Dear Labhlaxmi Lottery offers you to win 1 crore. Yes, that’s true, that’s why its the best lotto India. This lottery is managed by the states government, and it is legal to play. To make fair play government regularly changes the in-game method.

Place Prize amount
1st 1 Crore
2nd Rs 9000
3rd Rs 3000
4th Rs 2000

Sikkim Dear Morning Lottery

Sikkim lottery is one of the best lotteries where the play can win up to 1 crore by buying a ticket of Rs 10. Ticket prices change day by day, so it required to stay up to date about it.

Place Prize amount
1st 1 Crore
2nd Rs 9000
3rd Rs 500
4th Rs 250
4th Rs 120

Sikkim Dear Evening Lottery

You can win the same amount of prizes like the Sikkim morning lottery to invest in and purchase tickets to win in both evening and morning games. This type of times can encourage players to purchase more tickets to win more. And the ticket price is just 10 Rs. So it is affordable to purchase it. In this evening timing, the max prize amount is 1 Crore.

Place Prize amount
1st 1 Crore
2nd Rs 9000
3rd Rs 500
4th Rs 250
4th Rs 120

Sikkim Bumper Draw

This is one of the biggest draws in Sikkim, where players can win up to 2 crores, and the second prize amount is up to 10 lacs. That’s a big amount. The ticket price is nominal, but the winning price big. Here every top 10 players can win amounts. They never go empty hands. That’s why its great lotto India.

Here is the winning amount according to places

Place Prize amount
1st 2 Crore
2nd 10 Lacs
3rd Rs 9000
4th Rs 5000
5th Rs 3000
6th Rs 2000
7th Rs 1000
8th Rs 500

Derby Weekly Scheme

The maximum prize amount is 11 lacs and 7th prize amount in the weekly derby scheme are Rs 100. So the top seven players wins her and never goes empty hands.

Place Prize amount
1st 11 Lacs
2nd Rs 9000
3rd Rs 3000
4th Rs 2000
5th Rs 1000
6th Rs 500
7th Rs 100

How to play the Sikkim lottery?

Playing the Sikkim lottery is easy, but there is some point to note. You have to be a resident of that state where the Sikkim lottery is played. Some will have question how to play lottery online, but this Sikkim lottery is not playable online. You have to be present at the lottery providing state like Sikkim offer to play lots of lottery games.

Purchasing tickets are easy, and the ticket price is also nominal. But winning prizes are big. That’s why lots of people play it offline. Govt denies to play it online because of security reasons. But it is good to play physically. This is why its best and secure lottery in India.

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Why Sikkim lottery not playable online?

Sikkim lottery is a great lottery India. It offers many prizes to the winner, and there are top 10 winners on a daily and weekly basis. This lottery offers morning and evening lottery draws that will make you win. But why it’s not playable online? Because government rules and regulation are applied to play it legally, it is impossible to play online. But it is mot safer to play it offline. You can secure your tickets offline. There are other available to play lottery in India.

How to know that if you have won the lottery?

Lottery draws timings are printed on the tickets. You can check out tickets that when they will draw happen and when will the winner has announced. You can check out the full draw timings at the lottery website.

If you won the lottery, your ticket number will be displayed in draw results with the winning spot. Winning spots are from 1 to 10 according to lottery styles. If you are in 1st spot then congratulations, you have won the first big prize. You can see your spot in draw results. Because of big amounts, Sikkim is the best lotto India.

How to claim the lottery prize after winning?
  • Before claiming the lottery amount, you have been asked to fill the form described below.
  • Name of Sikkim lottery: It is necessary to fill in the exact lottery name.
  • Draw number and the ticket number of the lottery
  • Your full name with address
  • Your contact number
  • Your PAN details
  • Your full bank details

So, above are the lotteries and winning prizes to win big amounts. But Sikkim lottery is not available to play lottery online but you can check other lottery games. Draw results are completely random, so it is possible that your ticket number will not be selected, so don’t worry. Keep trying your luck, everyone is winning, and you will also win. The ticket price is nominal, so it is very convenient to purchase tickets. Because of big amounts Sikkim lottery are the best lottery in India.