The Mega Sena Lottery- Advantages of playing the Brazilian lottery

Brazilian Mega Sena lottery - Lotto Blog

What is Mega Sena Lottery

The Mega Sena lottery is one of the most popular lotteries of Brazil. Players of Brazil have been experiencing the amazing access to Mega Sena winning numbers 11th March 1996. Brazilians got acknowledged with the lottery play with the introduction of the Mega Sena lottery only. Due to the tempting jackpots and the ease of play, it did not take much time for the lottery to gain popularity.
Mega Sena winning numbers undoubtedly brings unexpectedly huge prizes for the players. There are undoubtedly several pros of playing the Mega Sena lottery.

Buy Mega Sena Lottery Ticket

The urge and dream of winning and earning more leads the player to purchase the Mega Sena lottery tickets. Initially, only the Brazilian players had access to play the lottery. Now with the expanding technology, it is possible to play the Mega Sena lottery online. Mega Sena Lottery tickets online can be purchased from the official website.

The Mega Sena winning numbers are drawn twice a week, every Monday and Saturday at 8pm local time, (1AM CET) costing €1.50 per ticket. Revealing of the drawings are a part of the Momento da Sorte TV show.

The stake of Mega Sena jackpots begins at BRL 2 million i.e. €475.00. The jackpot amount keeps rolling over until won and the grand prize receives 35% of the total prize fund. The odds of winning the jackpot is 1 in 5,00,63,860. These odds are better than the Powerball and Mega millions jackpot but less than quite a few other jackpots.

It imposes 13.8% tax on the winning amount. If the player is from a different state then the tax of that state is also added.

Mega Sena Lottery - Lotto Blog

Advantages of playing the Mega Sena lottery

  • The Mega Sena lottery is definitely one of the famous one. This increases the odds of winning the jackpot. Hence, players get attracted to buy the Mega Sena lottery tickets online. Odds of winning the prize is 1 in 2,298.
  • He staggering jackpots are given to the winners. Since there are only 3 prizes, they too are wealthy enough to win. Mega Sena winning numbers are rewarded really great if it matches with the winning ticket.
  • The lottery has adapted a unique 6/60 concept for the draws. This method engages more players and it also creates more excitement. All the 6 numbers have to be guessed in this combination only.
  • Players from India can also play the Mega Sena lottery online. It is very easy to buy the Mega Sena lottery tickets online through online lottery websites. It is safe and gives out eye watering pay outs to the India players also.
  • This lottery game is highly efficient with respect to safety, prizes, repetitive draws and the offers it gives.
  • Players are provided with high- end security while they play the Mega Sena lottery online. Online transactions are smooth and glitch-free. 24/7 access to check all the purchases and bets in the online account.
  • Inrested players can play the Mega Sena lottery online from any corner of the world. Gone are the days when only the Brazilians had the privilege to play this amazing lottery. Nor do you have to travel all the way to Brazil to have your hands on the lottery. Just a few clicks on your device will land you the Mega Sena lottery tickets online.
  • With the online play, tickets won’t be misplaced. There is no chance that you would miss out on checking the Mega Sena results. Tickets are safe and intact in your device and you can check the winning numbers at any hour of the day.
  • If you win a prize or the jackpot, the money is immediately entered in your user account. There will be no delay in getting your winning amount. Once the Mega Sena winning numbers are revealed, the results will be notified and also your winning if you win.
  • The best part of playing the Mega Sena lottery online is that you are notified about all the latest updates. The latest winning numbers, winners, past winners, latest jackpot amount, second tier prizes, etc. Every single detail of the past and present Is available on hand to the players. The guide to play the lottery is also mentioned for all the novice players.

Play Mega Sena Lottery

How to Play Mega Sena Lottery

  • To play the Mega Sena lottery, one has to pick numbers from the integer pool of 1 to 60. Players can pick up to 15 numbers which may cost more but also increases the odds of winning the jackpot.
  • The numbers can be manually selected or the Easy Pick option is also available for automatic random number selection.
  • There are three prizes available in the jackpot structure. Matching 4 numbers is the lowest win known as the “Quadra win”. The winner who wins 5 numbers is the “quina” win and the one with the 6 numbers win is called the “Sena” win.
  • The Mega Sena lottery online consists of a unique pattern which is called the “ 6/60” pattern. One number is to be picked from the drum consisting of numbers 0 to 5. Other number from the second drum consisting numbers from 0 to 9 is to be selected.
  • If the number from the first drum is “1” and the number from the second drum is “3” then, it is deciphered as 13. If you want to win the jackpot, you need to guess all 6 numbers in a session.
  • To play the Mega Sena lottery online, one needs to create a user account on the official lottery website. All the transactions take place through the user account.
  • All the notifications regarding the winning numbers, winners, etc. are buzzed in that user account.
  • It is easy and safe to buy the Mega Sena lottery tickets online as all the steps are encrypted end to end.