Let the gamble begin…!!! No hard work, tons of patience before you chase the huge sack of money. Gambling might not be a routine for all but it does play a role in every individual’s life. Stock exchange, poker games, lottery, casinos are all a part of the gambling world and everyone chooses at least one of them to participate. Stock exchange being the legal corporate sector is not referred to as gamble but it does contribute to it. Lotteries stand as the safest legal authority of gambling world with less risk and the potential to wait as long as you can to make your day dream come true. EuroMillion is the third largest lottery played in the whole world announcing a loud prize of £2,00,000,000. International and national lotteries have taken a long ride through online availability of tickets spreading a good deal of awareness and ease of participation. Lottery Tickets bought are an awakening hope for the lifestyle change which may shine bright or turn down depending on your luck. Let us dive deep into the money chase in the European way to have insights on the EURO MILLIONS.

lottery money - Euromillions lotto

Enchante to the wealth won in the EUROMILLIONJACKPOT would be the statement by the uptight and disciplined Europeans on winning the lottery. EURO MILLIONS is a transnational lottery which requires 7 correct numbers to win the lottery, established on 7 February 2004 it had its first draw on 13 February 2004 in Paris. Initially, only the UK, France and Spain participated with the Austrian, Belgian, Irish, Luxembourgish, Portuguese and Swiss lotteries joining for the 8 October 2004 draw. Finest hours of the players of EURO MILLION were the Tuesday AND Friday night 20:45 CET IN Paris.

The standard rate of the ticket is 2.50euros, £2.50 followed by the local currency price. The pricey price of the tickets has escalated all through the years in different countries as per lines of the tickets. All prizes including the jackpot are tax free excluding Switzerland, Spain and Portuguese and are paid in lump sum. The rising prices did not elope the consumers rather attracted more of them.

The player selects 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and two different lucky stars numbers from the pool of 12 numbers. The jackpot is drawn at 8:45 in Paris and the results are announced on the relatable websites at 23;00hours. On 11May 2011 was introduced the pool of 9 to 11 lucky stars numbers which was periodically changed back to the pool of 12 lucky stars numbers on 24th September 2016. With COVID-19 hitting the world badly, Spain refrained from participating in the game until further good days. Other countries have not lacked observing the adverse effect on the lottery but the players are managing to play online through with an extensive drop down.

Super draws and Event draws are vital drawings of the EUROMILLION JACKPOT when the jackpot has a fixed amount. Super draws prizes are rolled over to the next drawing if not won whereas the Event draws prizes are equally divided into the winners of the next lower tier if not won.

Eligibility of the EURO MILLION jackpot does not restrict any residents or tourists and the buyers are free from their nationality existence unless they are 18 or above.

For holding funds for future prizes and accounting the payments due, the EURO MILLION TRUST has been developed by all the participating national lotteries. Future uncertainty scares which has evoked the fund raising for the betterment.

A jackpot does not allow the winner to have the whole amount won. It often has legal government circulated divisions. The UK EURO MILLION jackpot breaks down as follows :-

0.5% Profit to Camelot
4.5% Operating costs
0.5% Commission to retailers
12% UK Government
28% Good causes

Likewise, all the countries have their own set of break down ruled by the holders and the government together. The winner is undoubtedly celebrated with the largest piece of the jackpot.
Profound love of the players for the jackpot has multiplied with time and the charm of EURO MILLION has never observed withering or depletion.
Keep trying your luck the European way until the EURO MILLION makes you lucky.

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