The Best Guide to win Sambad Lottery in India

Complete guide to Sambad lottery in India

Sambad is the biggest lottery in India. This guide will help you to win big prizes. Sambad lottery is played in 13 different states in India. Nowadays, people play the lottery online, so this game is playable through online mode. This game held three draws in one day. So, you can see the results three times a day.

Daily draws happen in Nagaland and West Bengal.

Lottery Sambad in India

Here is the step-by-step guide to playing Sambad lottery in India

1. Find the best website

The first step is to find a website to play lottery online. There are lots of website offering to play Sambad lotto India. Still, first, you have to verify whether the website is good. Check out the URL of the website to find out that if the web site is secure or not. Is the LOCK icon there? Then you are good to go if there is no lock icon, then you have to look for the other secure website in the market.

2. Check out for terms and conditions

Before creating accounts and transacting the money, you may look for the terms and conditions the website has before playing the lottery game. Terms and conditions are essential because you may feel insecure about the website after putting money on the website. So check it before making accounts. Some websites take commissions from prizes and don’t tell you on the front page, which they have written only on the terms and conditions page.

3. Make an account

Now, if you have found a good website, then you can go to making an account. You have to create an account with your original name with original identity. You have to add your working mobile number and email to get proper communication with the lottery website.

4. Purchase tickets

This is the most important part to play lottery in India. Now you have to select a sequence of ticket number you want to buy then you can purchase them. Before purchasing any ticket, it is on you that which ticket number you are buying. So, purchasing tickets are required to win lottery in India.

5. Selecting ticket numbers

Selecting ticket numbers is a tricky thing. You can choose ticket numbers related to your birth day, license plate of the car, graduation date, etc. Selecting numbers of tickets just depend on randomness, and draws are also chosen randomly by machines.

6. Prepare for the draw day

Here at Sambad, a lottery draw happens three times a day so you can have a more winning chance. That’s why it best lotto India. At draw time, you have to look for the results and find your number in the draw. If you din your number on the draw list, then you have won the big prize. You can win smaller prizes too that are described below.

Sambad draw timings and prizes

The draws happen three times a day.
• Morning
• Afternoon
• Evening

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Morning winning prizes and time for Sambad lottery

Place Prize amount
1st Rs 25 lakhs
2nd Rs 9000
3rd Rs 500
4th Rs 250

Sambad lotto game offers Rs 25 lakhs to a top winner and Rs 9,000 for the second price, Rs 500 for the third price, and the fourth price is Rs 250. At this price point, this is one of the best lotto India. The lottery draw time is at 11:55 AM.

Afternoon winning prizes and time for Sambad lottery

Place Prize amount
1st Rs 31 lakhs
2nd Rs 9000
3rd Rs 500
4th Rs 310

The first price of the afternoon lottery game is 31 lacks and goes on. The second price is Rs 9000, the third price is 500, the fourth price is 310, and the fifth prize is Rs 120. The draw time is 4PM.

Evening winning prizes and time for Sambad lottery

Place Prize amount
1st Rs 31 lakhs
2nd Rs 9000
3rd Rs 500
4th Rs 250
5th Rs 120

Sambad evening lottery max price is 31 lacks that draw at 8 PM. The second price is Rs9,000, the third price is Rs 500, the fourth price is Rs 250, and the fifth prize is Rs 120. It offers an incredible amount to win at the Sambad lottery in India.

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Some facts to know about the lottery:

Chances of winning:

Winning chance is directly depending on randomness. It is unpredictable. Draws are done by machines that use randomness to select the winners. Also, the lottery company change their machines frequently, so there is no scope for predicting tickets.

– Winning amounts

Winning amounts are dependent on the lottery provider. If there are two persons with the same ticket numbers, you have to share the prize with other person.

– Ticket security

Ticket security is to depend on you. If you lost the ticket, then the lottery company is not responsible for providing another copy of the lost one. It is better to sing the ticket to secure it. But playing the online lottery is the safest way now.

Lottery Sambad is a very exciting game that the best lotto India. It is available to play three times a day. Indians can play these games because many states in India allow them to play the Sambad lottery. Sambad lottery follows the rules and regulations of India, and it legal to play.

Sambad lottery draws every day and three times a day, so winning chances is higher if you buy more tickets. Lots of people play the Sambad lottery and win big amounts. Here, in the game, all Indians are permitted to play. Some websites offer some of the best guides and tricks to improve gameplay and pinpoint tips to increase the chances of winning.