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LIVE EuroMillions Results : Tuesday’s Lotto Winning Numbers For The £14 Million Jackpot

EuroMillions results of Tuesday, July 6 are announced. The jackpot was £14 million. Winning a big prize is challenging but not impossible. Yes, it is challenging for the pandemic year….

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The Euromillions Winning Numbers for the huge £180M Jackpot Rolled out on 23/02/21

Euromillions jackpot worth £180M is going to break the record if a single ticket holder wins the whole amount. It has reached a staggering amount for the 23rd Feb draw….

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The National Lottery ‘EuroMillions’ results from Tuesday 02 February 2021

Euromillions results for Tuesday 2nd feb,2021 is for a staggering amount of £35m. The one who takes away the prize is going to have a life changing opportunity to live…

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EuroMillions Lottery Results Friday, 29th January 2021

The Euromillions results were disclosed on the 29th Jan,2021 on Friday at 8:45 pm for a jackpot worth £27m. Euromillions lottery is one of the most favored and awaited ones…

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Euromillions Winning Numbers rolled out for 26/01/21, Tuesday

The Euromillions Jackpot on 26th Jan,2021 was worth £15 million pounds. The Euromillions jackpot happens to be one of the top ranking lotteries in the world. It gives players high…

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Euromillions Superdraw

Euromillions to draw it’s first Superdraw on 5th Feb , 2021 worth €130 millions

The Euromillions Superdraw is going to be held on the 5th feb,2021 worth €130 millions. It will be the first Superdaw for the year 2021. It is also known as the…

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Euromillions Hotpicks Winning numbers for 29th December, 2020

The Euromillions and Euromillions Hotpicks are one of the most popular lotteries in the UK. The results are drawn twice a week on every Tuesday and Friday at 8:20p.m. GMT….

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European Lottery(EL) Launches First Lottery Module on EL Learning Platform

“European Lotteries(EL) happily announces the launch of its very first lottery related E-learning module”. While the workshop for HR and L&D professionals was conducted,European Lotteries introduced the concept of its…

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Lottery Games: Top 4 Games To Try Your Luck Today

In terms of online games, the Lottery Games has gained considerable popularity. It has become one of the favorite online games to play, in a very short period of time….

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Euromillions Results for Winning National Lottery Numbers and Thunderball Lottery Numbers to Win Big

The EuroMillions draw spans across the continent and will also see two guaranteed millionaires from the UK, with the Millionaire Maker Selection EuroMillions is played in nine European countries, has…

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