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SMART LUCK – An Indian Won Rs 40 Crore Jackpot in Dubai

Somarajan is an Indian man who is living in Dubai. He is working as a driver in an Abu Dhabi company. He started purchasing a ticket for three years. He…

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7 tips how to win a lottery

Secret Tips: How to Win Lottery in India

It’s everyone’s dream to play lottery and winning the lottery, but not all can win the lottery. Why? Because sometimes players don’t apply some strategies during play, so they lose…

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$70 Million Lotto Max Jackpot Announced, Two Persons Won!

$70 Million Lotto Max Jackpot Announced, Two Persons Won!

Finally, the Lotto Results are here.  There is a $70 million jackpot, but there are two winners of the lotto max jackpot. The winning amount is split between two winners. One…

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lottery winner stories

5 Amazing Winning Stories That Inspire To Purchase a Lottery Ticket

Every individual craves for financial stability and a luxurious life which is a dream come true. There are also a few human figures who make great use of the wealth…

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Lottery Jackpot

Woman Accidentally Wins $2 Million After Buying Wrong Lottery Tickets

A women from North Carolina got an unexpected win. A woman bought a lottery ticket that she was not looking for and accidentally won $1.4 Million. According to lottery officials,…

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What is Lottery Syndicate, and How does it work

What is Lottery Syndicate, and How does it work?

To win the lottery more and more, people always try some new tips and tricks. But at some time, there is some limit to tips and tricks. Here online lottery…

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6 Tips on How to Win The New York (NY) Lotto in 2021

Everyone wants to be a champion in lottery winning. You can win lottery with some easy tricks, but you have to focus on some things that will lead to the…

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Do's and Don'ts of Lottery Game

Do’s and Don’ts of Lottery Game

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery, everyone tries different tricks and strategies, some of them are successful and some of them are not successful in winning lotteries. The player…

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Explore Lottery Secrets to Win Them!

Lottery winning is not like being a lucky human. You may be wondering how a famous name ‘’Richard’’ won seven times in the lottery in 2 years. You also may…

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Wisconsin Supercash Lottery

How to play and win the Wisconsin Supercash lottery?

Wisconsin Supercash Lottery Lotteries reflect your luck and patience but also demands a lot of effort from your end. Wisconsin Supercash lottery is one of the very popular lotteries all…

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