Powerball Jackpot

Sydney Grandmother Wins $40m In Powerball Lotto Breaks Record Of 2021

A retired grandmother praised her grandson for purchasing a lottery ticket, which made her won 40$. There were two winners on Thursday night, and the jackpot amount was $80 million,…

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Play Powerball Lottery

Are Indian citizens authorized to play The Powerball Lottery?

It is everyone’s dream to play and win the Powerball lottery jackpot of $1.6 million. But Indians are concerned about whether it is legal to play the Powerball lottery in…

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In the new year’s lottery, 1Million won by an Arlington man

Arlington winner claims $1 million raffle prize from Virginia lottery

Daniel Schuman’s wife bought tickets for him in the new year’s raffle, and he just won the 1M dollars. Normally, people buy things for their enjoyment and love purposes like…

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