South Africa Daily Lotto Results For Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Daily Lotto South Africa Result today


South Africa Daily Lotto play is one of the leading lotteries in the lottery industry. This lottery is accessible through retail stores and online also for foreign players. The South Africa Daily lotto play results are announced everyday at 9pm SAST. The consideration of this lotto play is very high as the results are unfolded every night. Other labelled lotteries unfold it twice a week so the stakes of the daily lotto are high.

On December 1, the South Africa Daily lotto play winning numbers were – 01,09,14,15,33.
The lottery prize is not fixed, it ranges between R200,000-R1000,000.

Previous daily lotto results on 30th November 2020- 1,03,06,31,33 and on 29th November are 10,14,25,27,35.

SA Daily lotto assures of giving away all of the prize money everyday because the jackpot rolls down to the next category on an everyday basis.

How to Play SA Daily Lotto?

Players are supposed to pick 5 numbers from the pool of integers ranging from 1 to 36. One more option of Quick pick is also available for the players which is provided by the computer itself. It costs R3 per play.

When the SA daily lotto draw takes place 5 random numbers are curated by the RNG.

Lottery tickets can be purchased from a nearby lottery store and online lottery tickets can also be purchased. Its sales get over by 8:30pm SAST.