Rolling SuperEna Max Lottery Winning Numbers and Results

SuperEna Max Lottery Results and Winning Numbers

Superena Max Granting Roman Lottery Prizes

The SuperEna Max lottery is from Rome granting huge jackpots to the players. SuperEna max winning numbers follow Superenalotto lottery rules and similar lottery results. This international lottery might seem difficult to play but it is very easy to play. The reach of the SuperEna Max lottery is huge as it is an online lottery . Offline purchase of lottery tickets is not available. Lottery world has expanded miles because of the online access to play Superena Max lottery online. Rome is an artistic place and the lottery is a play of luck. As difficult as art is, equally difficult is to win the jackpot.

Beginning of Superena Max Lottery

It follows the Superena lotto starting the jackpot prize from €76 million to €89 millions. Players are attracted with the jackpot prize and the availability to play the Superena Max lotto online.The lotto results are drawn thrice a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The timely role of Superena Max winning numbers takes place at 7:30 CET at Rome. The very first Superena Max Lotto result was drawn on March 1st 2014. The excitement of this lottery game is observed online as constant checks on the website are observed through players.

Players are boosted up to another level as this lottery is corresponding to the Superenalotto lottery.

Small Steps to Play the Superena Max Lotto

The player is supposed to pick 6 numbers from the pool of 1 to 90 along with quick picks being an option if a player wishes to play. Select a day when you would like to have your first entry. You are also allowed to play on a specific day if you plan to play for more than one week.

After you choose to play the numbers, you need to login to the account to pay for the entry and the account will be fairly maintained.

Drawing of the lottery is done thrice a week and the players are always notified before the draw takes place. Players are taken care of with mails and messages to never miss out any chance.

Superena Max online lottery tickets are one big attraction for Roman lottery players.

Superena Max Jackpots

Jackpot from €76 million to €89 millions is served to the Superena Max winners along with 6 tier prizes. The tier prizes range from matching 2 numbers to the final jackpot where all six numbers are matched.

The cash prize keeps increasing for 11 draws and if the superena max lottery results declares no winner in the 11th draw also then, the prize decreases to the lower prize tiers. The lottery jackpot is reset to €76 million.

To play the lottery, players have to begin from the initial amount or target the other tier prizes which too are productive.
SuperEna Max Winning Numbers Profiting Players

The lottery consists of 5 main superena max winning numbers and a jolly number tagged along. The jolly number cannot be selected while you pick the 6 main numbers. When the 5 main numbers match the lottery winning number then the jolly number is selected and the player wins €1 million.

A superstar feature is also involved in the lottery which the players can access to double the jackpot prize. Players can access the Superdraw by entering the super star number by paying additional fees.