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SuperEnalotto lottery is a very popular Italian lottery rolling out huge payouts. This lottery is the national lottery in Italy and is available to all the players worldwide through the purchase of lottery tickets online. The SuperEnalotto lottery jackpot is huge and so are the second tier prizes.

The SuperEnalotto results are drawn thrice a week unlike the other international lotteries. On every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the SuperEnalotto lottery winning numbers are rolled out.

SuperenaLotto Winning Number -

Winning numbers for 31st December 2020 are – 07,14,20,66,68,79.

Jolly number- 76

Superstar number- 60

The odds of winning the SuperEnalotto lottery are 1 in 622.6 millions which are highly slim.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot for 2nd January 2021 is going to reach the heights of 86 Euromillions. Players should not miss the chance to participate in the lotto for the coming up jackpot.

31st December SuperEnalotto Lottery Results

Date No Of Players Prize
31.12.2020 08 , ⅚ + Superstar €26,891
31.12.2020 01, 4/6 + Superstar €29,447
31st Dec,2020 103, 3/6+ Superstar €2,158,00
31st Dec,2020 1865, 2/6+Superstar €100,00
31st Dec,2020 12,045, ⅙+ Superstar €5,00

SuperEnalotto results rolled on 31st December 2020 had 8 players who won 26,891 euros with 5 numbers matched out of 6 and a Superstar number.

One player won 29,447 euros for matching 4 numbers out 6 along with the Super star number. 103 players won 2,158,00 euros matching 3 numbers and a Superstar number.

How to play the SuperEnalotto Lottery?

  • The players are supposed to choose 6 numbers from the integer pool of 1 to 60 along with a “Jolly number.”
  • Players can also play the Super star number for which the number is to be selected from a different ball which has the same range of 1 to 90.
  • Players who match all six numbers win the jackpot. And the players who match 2,3 ,4 or 5 numbers out of 6 also win productive second tier prizes.

SuperEnalotto Lottery Previous Results

29th Dec,2020 -15,22,38,51,60,74 Jolly No – 86 Superstar No-50

24Th Dec,2020 -22,25,31,79,87,90 Jolly No – 38 Superstar No-73

22nd Dec,2020 -15,16,22,46,51,72 Jolly No – 08 Superstar No-29

 SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 31st December 2020
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SuperEnalotto winning numbers for 31st Dec, 2020 are 07,14,20,66,68,79, Jolly no: 76, Superstar no: 60. SuperEnalotto lottery is one of top lotteries in the world rolling out the results thrice a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are the lucky days for all those players investing in the SuperEnalotto lottery.
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