Powerball 1292 draw has Mackay local as the winner for jackpot worth $50 million

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The Queensland winner who wins the Powerball 1292 jackpot worth $50 million comes forward to claim the prize as he becomes the new multi-millionaire. The Mackay local happens to be the biggest lottery prize winner in 2021 with $50 million win Powerball 1292 win.
The winner is a Mackay local and was in utter surprise after knowing about his win. He checked the entry over the weekend after hearing a local from Mackay had won the Thursday night Powerball 1292 draw.

Powerball 1292 winning numbers for the $50 million jackpot for 18th Feb,2021, Thursday are 03,13,16,19,25,30 Powerball number 10.

The Mackay man took the full $50 million Powerball prize and planned to share it with his family.
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The winner says that he was in complete surprise and shock when the lotto officials confirmed the news with him on Monday morning. The winner says- ´I am thinking about all those times I decided to quit smoking and now I need a cigarette to calm down! I had the ticket in my wallet since I bought it but never bothered to check it until I heard that a Mackay winner had won the Powerball 1292 jackpot.”

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As soon as I checked the ticket on the app, my mind went blank. It still is and I am still shaking. My brain is going at a million miles an hour, states the winner.

He keeps buying tickets every now and then but have always thought that there was a very tiny chance of him winning the big one, but you need to be in it to win it.

The Queenslander winner states that he is still not sure of what he would do with the winning amount. Had never thought it through. “I had never thought I would have to think about what to do with $50 million, he said.” “I will be still going to work tomorrow but am not sure if I will continue working. Of Course, I will be taking care of my parents which I am sure of.”

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“Buying my own house with the lottery win amount will be the craziest thing that I will be doing. And also I am very sure of sharing the money with my immediate family and further I will see where it goes.”

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How to play the Powerball 1292 lottery?

  • The player is supposed to select 5 numbers from the integer pool of 1 to 69. One Red Powerball is to be selected from 1 to 26.
  • The numbers can be randomly selected irrespective of the order.
  • If the player pays an extra $1 then the Power play option can be activated. This allows the player to multiply the second, third, fourth tier winnings by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x.
  • To win the Powerball jackpot, all the 5 numbers and the red ball number should match the winning ticket.
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Powerball 1292 draw has Mackay local as the winner for jackpot worth $50 million
Powerball 1292 winner for jackpot worth $50million claims his prize from Mackay, Queensland with winning numbers 03,13,16,19,25,30 Powerball number 10. Unaware of what to do with the winning amount, he was shaking and couldn't believe his eyes when he confirmed the prize on Monday morning.
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