North Carolina Covid-19 nurse wins $1M Lottery Prize

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After a long wait, finally positive news for the Carolina nurse other than the Covid positive cases. Nurse named Terri Watkins in North Carolina working in Covid 19 unit in Durham wins a lottery worth $1 million. The lottery winning was very unexpected and shocking for her. When she spoke to the official lottery she stated “ Just seeing some of the things that I’ve had to, I am very thankful for the win.”

North Carolina Education Lottery

When the nurse was informed of the news, she thought she was being scammed and it was unreal. She has been working for long hours without stop helping the covid-19 patients to recover. Amidst the long running pandemic, she could not believe her winnings.

Since doctors and nurses have been working for gruelling hours isolating themselves from the family, the nurse said that she had been praying for something good to happen. “ I have been constantly praying for something to take place to get through the current times and this is really very good.”

Utilising the lottery winnings

  • The nurse had been selected from more than 500,000 submissions in the state’s “Supreme Ruches” second chance drawing. She says “ I was a little upset and could not digest the good news. I thought it was not real and I am still in shock.”
  • ”Oh my god, Oh my God, you’re telling a story, she exclaimed” after soaking in the news so her lottery win.
  • The nurse had two options to accept the winnings. Either she could make 20 annual payments of $50,000 each or a single payment of $600,000 after tax deductions. So, the nurse decided to take one time payment and received $425,500 at one go after subtracting the state and federal taxes.
  • The nurse says that she is going to take it slow and take mindful steps for utilising the winnings. But the foremost step would be buying a new home in the state. But there would be nothing immediately happening. She would take time and figure out the steps.

North Carolina has seen an escalation of 638,000 Covid cases in the state since the beginning. Since day one till now approximately 23 million people have been infected with the virus. This explains how tedious the doctors and nurses’ lives would be taking place. Hence, the nurse was unable to believe the positive results of lottery winning.

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  North Carolina Covid nurse wins $M lottery Prize
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North Carolina Covid nurse wins $M lottery Prize
A North Carolina nurse named Terri Watkins wins the $1 million jackpot prize amidst the Covid duties. While she was serving since months she was unable to accept the good news of her winnings.
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