Mega Millions Winning Numbers on 12/08/20 worth $264 Million

Mega Millions Results

On 8th December, 2020 Mega millions lottery winning numbers was worth $264 millions. It stood to be the second largest jackpot of 2020.

Megamillion winning numbers for 12/08/20, Tuesday night are 15,19,33,39,68.

Mega ball- 25
Megaplier- 3x

The Mega millions lottery jackpot on 8th December worth $264 millions had its cash value as $199.8 millions. The jackpot prize could have doubled considering the sales of the ticket in the country.

None of the players claimed the jackpot hence, it will roll to the next jackpot for $277 millions.

Previous Mega millions Lottery Winning Numbers

4/12/20- 03,19,24,44,50. No player claimed the prize and so it rolled up to 8Th December marking the second largest jackpot of 2020.

Mega Millions winning number

The last Mega millions jackpot winner was from Wisconsin on 09/15/20 for a prize worth $110 millions. It happened to be the fifth winner of Mega millions jackpot in 2020.31/07/20 had a winner from California who won the jackpot for $22 millions.

How to play the Mega millions Lottery

It is one of the top lotteries in the whole world. It is a multi state lottery which has its drawing on Tuesday and Fridays. The Mega millions winning numbers are rolled for the prize starts from $20 millions. Second tier prizes are worth $1 million or more depending on the megaplier. Lottery tickets are sold for $2 per line and so on.

The odds of winning the Mega millions jackpot  is 1 in 303 millions. Even though it is a tough catch, players never refrain from playing it through lottery tickets online or physical lotto play.

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Mega Millions Winning Numbers on 12/08/20 worth $264 Million
Mega millions lottery winning numbers and results on 8th December hits the prize amount worth $264 millions. It is defined as the 2nd largest jackpot of the year 2020 though with no winner.
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