Gambling has been an easy and strategic way of earning more than the routine. Legal and safe in almost all countries, it has taken an uphill in attracting more number of people to play the game. Though it defines uncertainty the most, it still awakens the hope in million people. The rolling figures roll out the hope and urge of wanting more in the human minds. However, a few lotteries have made their names to the list having the highest jackpots in treasure. The second of the biggest lottery jackpots is “The Mega Millions.”

“The Big Game” was created and designed by Lottery Commissioner- Bill Martin and Lottery Director- Desire Rogers in 1996. Tickets were sold in Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Virginia. Later in 2002, it was renamed “ The Mega Millions.” The American jurisdictional lottery game offered in 45 states, District OF Columbia and U.S. Virgin Islands.

The first draw took place in 2002 with much hype amongst the players. The jackpots are drawn at 11pm on Tuesdays & Friday evenings (eastern time) including the holidays. With passing time, the jackpot drawing ceremony kept upgrading as it started to get casted at the WISB-TV studio in Atlanta, Georgia supervised by Georgia Lottery. The advertised jackpot was worth $40million and it keeps increasing if there is no top prize winner. Each game cost 2$ and of all the 47 Mega Million jurisdictions except California offered Megaplier where non-jackpot prizes are multiplied by 2,3,4 or 5.
El Gordo lottery
In January 2010, the expansion of Mega Millions and Powerball took place which was referred to as the “Mega Power Lottery.” Before the tie-up tickets for these jackpots were sold only at the retailers. Change in the game rules takes place with the change in consumer behaviour or the demand in business hence, 2013 underwent a change in the divisions of jackpot. The first drawing under the revised 5/75 + 1/75 format- which saw the jackpot estimate “ leap” to $55 million due to the change in the annuity structure occurred on October 22, 2013.

The jackpot prize was doubled in 2017 by 2$ and the first jackpot under the current pricing was drawn on October 31,2017. The matrices changed to 5/70 + 1/25. Starting jackpot became $40 million with rollovers of 5$. The current prizes states 75% of the prize pool of the total jackpot from 68% which used to be the prize allocation from 2013-2017. With the crash of the 2020 pandemic the jackpot prize was cut down to $20million from$40million with rollover of $2million for each drawing without a Jackpot Winner. This was put into implication to engage people into social distancing avoiding the crowds at ticket stations and to account for lower interest rates.

CURRENT SCENARIO- Megamillions has been a captivating gambling since a long time in all countries with their own rules. Today in 2020, the world is digitizing and so are the lotteries. Players did not have the access to play all the lotteries sitting in their home yard which has changed now allowing them to pick a Mega Million lottery online across the world on their devices. Digitalisation is aiding the consumers more than ever before regarding the lottery knowledge and with such advancement the lotteries are getting more transparent. Players do not only play to earn but also to satisfy the emotion of “ chase and risk.” For making the day dream come true lotteries are one easy source for conquering more than thought.

Availability of any such source is itself an excitement for several though on the other hand there are millions who do not care about the lottery’s existence but the awareness is never negligible. Be it the poor or the rich, they all know about it. Cast, creed or color does not matter when it comes to buying or winning lotteries. It is a play of luck wherein you wait for the numbers to roll right. Fortunes in categorical sizes are won across the human horizon multiplying an excessive number of people getting acknowledged and attracted for the lotteries especially, such life changers like MEGA MILLION are a big deal for all.

Keep getting excited and keep rolling till the figures charm your luck!