Mega million Winning Numbers for $30 million jackpot on 26/02/21

MegaMillions Draw Numbers

Mega million winning numbers were revealed on 26th feb,2021 for a jackpot worth $30 million. None of the players were lucky to match all the Mega million winning numbers for $30 million.

The Mega millions lottery gives life changing winning amounts with extreme lucidity in the play. The access and scope of the play has escalated tremendously with the new technology. Players keep their eyes wide open on the Mega million winning numbers on every Tuesday and Friday at 8pm CT.

Megamillion winning numbers for $30 million jackpot – 11, 15, 37, 62, 64 Mega ball – 05 Mega plier- 2x

Jackpot prize – $30 million

Cash value – $20.7 million

Odds of winning the Mega millions Jackpot – 1 in 302.5 million

Lottery ticket costs – $2

Mega millions jackpot has glittered the lives of multiple players with huge jackpots and prizes. Next Tuesday the jackpot is rolled up to $43 million with cash value of $29.7 million.

Mega Millions Lottery for the Second tier prizes

  • No player matched the 5 numbers correctly so the second biggest prize was also left unclaimed.
  • 16 winners claimed the third prize as they matched 4 main numbers and the mega ball number. Three out of them doubled their winning as they applied the Mega plier.
  • 232 players won $500 for matching the 4 main Mega million winning numbers with the winning ticket. Out of them 53 applied for the megaplier and won $1000.
  • 685 players won the $200 by matching 3 main numbers and the Mega ball number out of which 152 doubled their prize to $200.
  • Total 460,000 tickets won $2 on the night of 26th Feb,2021.

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How to win the Mega million lottery?

  • The players have to pick a total 6 numbers from two different pools. 5 main numbers have to be selected from the integer pool of 1 to 70 which are the white balls and one mega ball number from the range of 1 to 25.
  • Numbers can be manually picked or the QuickPick option is also available for automatic random number generation.
  • 5 main numbers and the Mega ball number have to match the winning ticket to win the jackpot.
  • Besides the jackpot, second tier prizes are also given to the winners who match fewer balls with the winning ticket. Megaplier option is applied to the second tier prizes to multiply the winning amount by 2x, 3x,4x, 5x. It cannot be applied on the jackpot.