Make Money Online By Playing New York Lotto

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Making money easily is what everyone wants to do and playing lotto is a safe and legal way to try your luck at becoming a millionaire soon. The New York Lotto is a great lotto game that allows the players to gamble safely and get a chance to win big money soon.


Here’s how you can play New York Lotto.

First Step – Find out the authorized retailers to buy your ticket from legally. If you don’t know where they are located, you can check out the map they have on the site. our map

Second Step – The tickets are called playslips here. There are options for you to choose random numbers through the computer or pick your own numbers. There are 6 numbers to be chosen from a pool of 1 to 59 numbers. Each game costs $1 for 2 game panels and you can play up to 10 games on a $5 playslip.

Third Step – Once you are done choosing the 6 numbers from 1 to 59 in the 10 game panels of each playslip by circling it with a blue or black pen, hand it over to the retailer and get the ticket for it.

Fourth Step – Collect the ticket from the retailer and hold on to it. Make sure the ticket doesn’t get damaged or lost as it is required at the time of collecting the winning amount. Without the ticket, the amount won’t be given to the player.

Fifth Step – Wait for the results of the draw to be declared. The results are televised LIVE on the listed channels on the website at 11:21 pm on Saturday.

Claim a Prize

How To Claim The Prize

If you have won an amount up to and including $600, you can claim it from any licensed New York Lottery retail location, as well as any of the Lottery’s Customer Service Centers located throughout the state.

If you have won an amount up to $601 or more, you can claim it at one of the Lottery’s Customer Service Centers or mail it to the Lottery. The retailer cannot give a single prize value of more than $600. After scanning the ticket, the retailer will give you a Lottery terminal-generated “File Claim” receipt with the winning ticket. Make sure to get your ticket from the retailer as it is required to claim a prize. You also need to fill out a Claim Form. Check the website to download it or fill out a form when you visit a Lottery Customer Service Center.

If you decide to claim your prize from a Lottery Customer Service Center, make sure that you have the ticket, Claim Form, File Claim receipt and your identification. If you have won a jackpot, then the ticket needs to be mailed to the following address.

Winning tickets for all amounts must be mailed.
New York Lottery
PO Box 7533
Schenectady, NY 12301-7533

Remember! Prizes must be claimed within one year of the drawing.