Lucky Couple Wins a $1,022,399 Gold Coast Waterfront Home

Lucky Couple Wins a $1,022,399 Gold Coast Waterfront Home

Australian Lucky couple won a Gold Coast Waterfront home worth $1,022,399 from Surf lifesaving. This couple was in shock after winning this big lottery. Emily bought a ticket for the luxurious home because she loved the view of it. Tim didn’t know that Emily has purchased tickets.

When the couple won the lottery, Tim was in total shock, and they didn’t know that they won the lottery until they missed a call from the surf lifesaving lotteries team.

Tim was outside, and his mobile rang, but Tim did not pick up and put on voicemail. The call was from the 07 number, but TIM didn’t know any person from Queensland. He didn’t notice any abnormal, and he left it. Tim asked his wife to check the messages, and she got a message from surf lifesaving lotteries. From tis time, they started to believe that they got won something.

His wife, Emily, said that she bought tickets to win the home, and luckily it was draw day. At that time, they were in shock and excited too. They didn’t know that they have won a luxury home.

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How to play the surf lifesaving lottery?

  • First, you have to register on the website: or you can register yourself via phone, faxing, or mail.
  • You can buy tickets to champions club, lottery 204, lottery 417, lottery 205, and lottery 941.
  • The lottery ticket price is $10 per 5 tickets.
  • All lottery closes at 4 pm. And the next draw is on 30/06/2021.
  • There are monthly plans from $2 to $200 for draws.
  • Winning prizes are Toyota cars, $1.3 million gold coast home, and other lots prizes.

There are monthly plans from $2 to $200 for draws

Winning prizes are Toyota car, $1.3 million gold coast home, and other lots prizes.

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They called the lottery team again and sent a message. They were in total anxiety to receive a call again. They said they were not in the mood to drop that chance again to receive a lottery team call.

They were in shock after hearing that they had won a million-dollar luxury home on the gold coast and won an Audi car worth $60,000. This call from the lottery team was life-changing. A couple of names are changed for privacy.

They still decided what to do with their new home; Emily joined the champions club to continue support.

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An Australian couple won a $1,022,399 gold coast home and an Audi car worth $60,000. They were in total shock after hearing this news. Emily bought tickets to win the house because she liked the view of the home. Tim, the husband, did not pick a call from the lottery team for some reason, and they checked again that they got a message from the lottery team. After calling back again to the team, they received a call from the team and were surprised that they had won the big lottery – a gold coast home and a new Audi car.
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