PowerBall and PowerBall Plus Lottery results, Tuesday, 03 November 2020

Powerball Jackpot last night

Powerball Plus Lottery favouring someone’s luck

Powerball Plus Lottery results were last announced on 3rd November,2020 which is held in South Africa. Powerball and Powerball Plus lottery are the most famous lotteries in this country handled and managed by Ithuba holdings.powerball lotto winning number for 3rd November were 14,16,26,27,45 and 05 being the bonus number. Since handled by the Ithuba holdings, it is recognised as the Ithuba National Lottery held every Tuesday and Friday at 9pm.

Winning prizes for the Powerball Plus Lottery Results

Powerball Plus prize is estimated to be R75 million which is less than the Powerball lottery prizes being R77 MILLION. Though the prize value of powerball plus lottery might be less but the attraction value from the customers have been quite high because of the high payouts.

Ithuba lotto payouts are sufficient to have a life evolving experience for the players. The Ithuba lotto results on 30th October had winning numbers 16,26,36,41,42 with bonus number 10. The winning prize for the same lottery was around R02,595,922.32million.
Powerball lottery rolled the winning numbers as 04,27,36,46,49 with the 16 as bonus number.

To win the jackpot of Powerball plus lottery, numbers ranging from 1 to 45 are to be selected and a bonus number from 1 to 20. If the 5 numbers are matched along with the bonus number then the lottery is claimed to the player.

Lottery ticket prize for the Ithuba National lottery is R2.5 extra than the Powerball lottery which sums upto R7.5 per play or per board. Powerball plus lottery results are declared on the same day the Powerball lottery results. In Spite of the hierarchy being different, both the Ithuba National Lottery hold the same position in the country.

The heavy payouts from Powerball & Powerball Plus lotto sparks up the players’ eyes making the bet over and over. Play online lottery games with extreme ease and high access.

Rise of the Ithuba National lottery gives immense fame to the country, making the other countries ponder. With the rise of online lottery, players play lotto online which makes the powerball lottery and Powerball plus lottery reach out to other countries.

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