Learn To Play UK Lotto Smartly And Increase Chances Of Winning

Ways Of Playing

First Step: Select six numbers from 1 to 59. Select the numbers you want or get random numbers selected by buying a Lucky Dip ticket or using number generator.

Second Step: Decide the number of lines you want to play. The retailers allow you to 7 lines of numbers on a single slip.

Third Step: Buy the entries before the cut off time given by the lotto.

Fourth Step: Wait for the results to be declared on the page. It can also be seen on YouTube and is also broadcasted on ITV1 on Saturday evening at 8.15pm.


The players can also play using the Direct Debit option. This option allows the players to enter draws automatically and so that they don’t have to worry about it.

First Step: Players have to fill in the online playslip and select the numbers. Choose the number of lines they want to play and select whether they want to enter Wednesday draws, Saturday draws, or both.

Second Step: Choose the ‘play continuously by Direct Debit’ option.

Third Step: Submit the bank details.

Then all you need to do is log in to the account before the cut off time to select the entries to participate in the draw.

Chances Of Winning

The overall chances of winning at UK Lotto are 1 in 9.3. There are many tiers for players to win from.

Prize Tier


Odds Of Winning

1 (Jackpot)

6 numbers

1 in 45,057,474


5 numbers + Bonus Ball

1 in 7,509,579


5 numbers

1 in 144,415


4 numbers

1 in 2,180


3 numbers

1 in 97


2 numbers

1 in 10.3

Other Ways Of Winning Smartly

Millionaire Raffle


When a player purchases the Lotto ticket, they receive a raffle code. There are 21 codes which win guaranteed prizes in each draw. One lucky winner will get £1 million and 20 winners other will get £20,000.

These are the ways in which you can win money online smartly and easily. UK Lotto is one of the oldest and most trusted gambling sites. It is a nationalized Lotto that supports many good causes as well which means that if you are playing and don’t win, some of the money will still go towards a good cause. It won’t be a waste of money.