Learn everything about the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery 2021

Learn everything about the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery 2021

Bhagyalaxmi is a lottery game where you can win a big jackpot. To play Bhagyalaxmi lottery online, click on any banner and buy Bhagyalaxmi lottery tickets from there. If you match the ticket number, you are the winner; there are three prize points.

How to play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery

If your six number matches the draw, you will win 10,000 Rs multiplied by your ticket purchase value. Only one winner will be announced.

There will be ten winners announced; if five digits of your tickets match with the draw amount, you will be able to win 1000rs multiplied with your ticket purchase value.

There will be 100 prizes three winners selected, where if your four ticket numbers match, withdraw, you will be able to win rs10 multiplied with your ticket purchase value.

Bhagyalaxmi ticket price is 100 Rs to 1000 Rs.

To play Bhagyalaxmi lottery, you have to choose ticket numbers from 1 to 49. You can select any number you want for any number of sets.

How To Choose Bhagyalaxmi Winning Lottery Numbers

How To Choose Bhagyalaxmi Winning Lottery Numbers?

Number Set Sum

Most players usually ignore it. Players randomly buy tickets before making any strategy. Number set sum strategy is like making sure that your total ticket number sum should be 121 and 186. There is no rocket science behind it, but some experts and reports say that if your ticket number sum is 121 or 186, there are high winning chances to get your ticket number in Bhagyalaxmi lottery results. So, the player should buy Bhagyalaxmi lottery tickets according to the total sum of ticket numbers. So always Play the Bhagyalaxmi lottery by doing a sum of tickets.

Odd And Even Numbers

It is also an excellent strategy to win Bhagyalaxmi lottery in India. During choosing numbers during the play Bhagyalaxmi lottery, always balance odd and even numbers. Like selecting a set 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 40, these are even numbers only, and 3, 9, 13, 19, 23, 35, 51 are odd numbers. So, to play Bhagyalaxmi lottery by selecting a mix of odd and even numbers like 2, 9, 16, 25, 36, 51. Buy Bhagyalaxmi lottery like that to increase winning chances.

Keep Sequence In Numbers

In the Bhagyalaxmi lottery in India, players randomly select numbers. Like players choose random numbers of higher and lower values. So, choosing only lower or higher numbers directly decreases the chances of winning. To play Bhagyalaxmi lottery, always Buy Bhagyalaxmi lottery ticket numbers in sequence mode, like some add some lower value and add some higher values.

Always Use Whole Range

In Bhagyalaxmi lottery in India, players always stick on their lucky numbers or choose just what they got in mind. But it can decrease the chances of the number to come in Bhagyalaxmi lottery results. If the selection range is 1 to 49, make sure that you are adding all numbers.

How To Choose Bhagyalaxmi Winning Lottery Numbers?


Is the Bhagyalaxmi lottery genuine?

Everyone wants to play the lottery in India, and everyone is interested in play Bhagyalaxmi lottery. Bhagyalaxmi lottery has its website with minimal information about its overall lottery info and its data. You can decide if it’s genuine or not by reading the below information.

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10 Signs Bhagyalaxmi Lottery is Fake

No Proven Association

Bhagyalaxmi lottery in India claims that it is supported by foreign lottery and uses money raised by national lottery players. Bhagyalaxmi funds come through all shapes for sports projects. But the official website of sport Scotland has no information about this that Bhagyalaxmi is getting funds from there.

After verifying with the national lottery support staff, they said that they don’t even know the name of Bhagyalaxmi.

Not Licensed

After looking at the website, it has no statement about its license and legal status. Bhagyalaxmi has no permit that has been permitted by nation or state. Like other state lotteries, they are legally registered under state laws and also operate under state govt. But Bhagyalaxmi doesn’t have any legal copy or license to run it. Players have to verify it before buy Bhagyalaxmi lottery tickets.

Improper Information

Bhagyalaxmi website is filled with improper information. It shows that it is the best lottery in India but doesn’t seem like that, although the website is filled with the wrong info. In the google search, there is very little and improper info about its website. No winner charts are available to show the user that each prize has been given to the player.

Illegal Operations And Work

Before starting any lottery service, the organization has to take permission from the government. But according to the Bhagyalaxmi lottery site, there are no clues seen that it’s running with permission. The shown logo of certifications and approval are blurry to see. Also, there is no legal and consent form on the website.

That’s not it, it has also claimed it as an international lottery, but there is no proof that it’s approved to play internationally.

Grammar Mistakes

If anyone has seen this website, they will notice that the website is filled with many grammatical mistakes. A lottery that claims to be international and it has lots of common grammatical errors. That’s the proof that it’s only made for a scam. A big lottery provider has a poor editor. They claim to provide a huge prize amount, but although it looks like they don’t have a budget to clear the grammar error.

Approval Symbol Not Visible

Bhagyalaxmi website has some approval logos that you can see below the website. As an international lottery, it should be at least readable quality, but this website has a shallow rate and blurred logo that makes it doubtful to trust it.

Old Copyright

If you can see on the Bhagyalaxmi website, you can see below that its copyright info has not been updated since 2018. It makes sense that the Bhagyalaxmi lottery is not trustable, and probably it’s a scam.

Social Media Links Not working

Bhagyalaxmi website has no social media links working on it. As a lottery website, it must have a social media presence. But it has no social media attached? It looks suspicious, and it’s not trustable at all.

Broken Links

Bhagyalaxmi website is filled with broken links. If you want to purchase a ticket after 4 pm, no links are working after that. It shows that draws start at 4 Pm to 6 Pm. But no links available after 4 Pm. Because of broken and improper links it’s not good to trust on Bhagyalaxmi lottery results.

No Winner Charts

Strangely, it has no winner information available. As an international lottery, they should have a list of winning charts that show info about winning prizes and winners.

So, after reading all of that, you must get the right thinking. It’s not trustable to see inappropriate information, no license, and not approval of the Bhagyalaxmi lottery. So, the question will come to your mind whether to buy Bhagyalaxmi lottery tickets or not, and the decision is visible.

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How To Claim Your Winnings

After the publication of Bhagyalaxmi lottery results, you are the winner if you have matched the ticket number. You can claim winnings easily by the below steps.

The first step is going online, logging on to Bhagyalaxmi online website, and clicking on the claim form.

You will now see the claim form; enter all information here, like bank account details, personal details and ticket details, and click on the submit button. That’s it.

Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Result 2021

According to the website, in 2021, 10 persons won the topaz jackpot lottery and won 1,00,000, and 100 persons won 1,000 Rs.

Only one person won 25,00,00, 10 persons won 2,50,000, and 100 persons won 2550 Rs in silver jackpot Bhagyalaxmi lottery results.

In the platinum jackpot, ten persons won 7,50,000, and 100 persons won 7,500.

In the Dimond lottery jackpot, prizes are 10,00,000 for ten persons and 10,000 for 100 persons. You can play Bhagyalaxmi lottery to win massive amounts.

Learn everything about the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery 2021
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Learn everything about the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery 2021
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