Kerala State Lottery Akshaya AK 488 Results rolled out on 10th March , 2021


Akshaya AK 488 Kerala state lottery results were announced on 10th March at 3pm. The first prize winner will bag Rs.70 lakh. It is an amount that can change the life of the winner upside down. There are second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and consolation prizes also given to the players.

The results are drawn live at a particular place at sharp 3pm. Soon after the results are flashed on the official Kerala state lottery website.

What is the Akshaya AK 488 state lottery winners list?

1st Prize – Rs.70 lakh

Winning ticket – AS 6395354

2nd Prize – Rs.5 lakh

Winning Ticket – AP 260705

3rd Prize – Rs.1 lakh

Winning ticket –

AN 770310

AO 773742

AP 595766

AR 442448

AS 699484

AT 601751,

AU 649500

AV 311514

AW 413106

Consolation Prize – Rs.8,000

Winning ticket 

AN 639535

AO 639535

AP 639535

AR 639535

AT 639535

AU 639535

AV 639535

AW 639535

AX 639535

AY 639535

AZ 639535

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How to find out the Akshaya AK 488 results?

  • The players need to visit the official Kerala state lottery website at to know the results.
  • At the homepage, click on the results link to find out the results.
  • Then head towards the lottery results section to find the precise day wise results of the Kerala state lottery.
  • Enter the lottery numbers and find out the winning ticket. Claim the prize if your winning ticket flashes on the screen.
  • The chances of winning the lottery are high with a Rs.200 lottery ticket and less competition.

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