Kerala man wins a whopping Rs.12 crore on Monday

Kerala Men win a lottery - Lottery in India

A man named Porunnan Rajan wins a lottery worth Rs. 12 crore in the Christmas- New Year Bumper lottery. He has been a hard working wager burdened with a lot of debts since a long time. He now can take a sigh of relief with the Kerala Christmas-New year lottery win. The winner will receive a staggering prize of Rs.7.2 crores after deducting the tax amount.

The Kerala Christmas- New Year lottery winning ticket number was ST 269609.

Jackpot prize- Rs.12 crore, Cash value- Rs. 7.2 crore

Porunnan Rajan is a daily wager from a tribal community in Kannur district in KERALA. The lottery results were drawn on Monday afternoon at Thiruvananthapuram . The winner resides in Kurichya colony in Malur panchayat and bought the ticket from Koothuparamba .
It was on Tuesday that Rajan submitted the winning ticket officially to the lottery officials.

How did the lottery win take place?

Rajan has been purchasing lottery tickets for quite a long time. He has also got lucky with smaller prizes worth Rs. 2000 or so. He says- “There have been many occasions where I have missed out very closely. Recently, I missed out on a Rs.50,000 prize. “
He had been unable to repay the loan which he took for building his house and marrying his daughter. Due to God’s grace and his striking luck he got lucky with the lottery win. He will be able to repay his debts and also settle down the rest.

“I had bought the lottery ticket the same day when I had gone to the bank to talk about the loan, I told them that I was looking for a fresh loan from another bank and to ask for more time. The bank told him to repay the existing loan as soon as possible” stated Mr. Rajan.

Mr. Rajan also said “I believe in God and that’s all I have.”

As soon he receives his money he wishes to clear his debts and expand his home. He also aims to educate his younger daughter and settle down the remaining money mindfully.

The 52 year old man has been on a happy spree since the win and has never been this satisfied before. He is more happy because there will be no more survival pressure on his family.

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