Kansas man claims $50M Mega Millions jackpot on ticket he purchased in Missouri

MEgaMillions jackpot

According to Missouri Lottery, Hira Singh of Shawnee, Kansas, is Jefferson City’s new Lucky Jackpot Winner of the Week. He has become the second Mega Millions jackpot ticket winner of Missouri after 2010.

On the QuikTrip at 6641 E, Mr. Singh, a Kansas man often used to stop fuelling his vehicle. While recharging this fuel, he used to scratch the lottery cards as well, testing his luck. He purchased The Quick Pick ticket which turned to match all six numbers of Mega Millions drawn on March 12. The 6 lucky numbers for $ 50M were 10, 12, 16, 49, and 57 with Mega Ball number 18.

Mr. Hira Sing now shared his amazing experience saying, he also used to buy Mega Millions of tickets on the other side of the Kansas state line, but it was the Missouri Lottery ticket that proved to be the biggest winner. He said after the drawing on Tuesday he didn’t realize for several days. He found out he was winning while using a Check-A-Ticket machine on Saturday. He described his triumphant experience by telling Missouri Lottery “I prayed on my God and then scanned it” and adding “I checked it like three more times!”

Whole town is happy for the win, as well as May Scheve Reardon, executive director of the Missouri Lottery also described his happiness “It’s so much fun to see our players win,” and informed adding “Mr. Singh is our 515th Missouri-Lottery made millionaire, and because these Mega Millions win happened in Missouri, the state will collect approximately $1.2 million in state income tax on his lump-sum prize.”

This jackpot and left many faces of the retailer and QuikTrip. QuikTrip would be receiving a bonus check of $50,000 as selling the jackpot ticket.