Italian SuperEnalotto – Lottery of the Art Land!!

SUPERENALOTTO- Lottery of the Art Land!!

Italian SuperEnalotto Lottery Online

The Italian super lottery creates the buzz of being one of the biggest lottery jackpots with its rising prize. SuperEnalotto which was staged in the 1950s and its popularity has made its way till 2020. Supply of lottery games is nothing more than consumer attraction which the SuperEnalotto has managed superiorly in all these years. Along with US Powerball, the Mega Millions, Euro millions, SuperEnalotto too has the structure of mountain peak prizes and high access to the players all around the world. A play of money with minimal risk and legal authorization attracts no less people around. If the nature of life wants to be changed, lotteries are going to be the first choice for all the rich and the poor. Multiple curvatures has carved the SuperEnalotto history before it became the buzz of the lottery world.


Enalotto was launched in the 1950s which was further named SuperEnalotto which had its first draw on 3rd December 1997. The Enalotto results were based on the first number drawn from each lotto city wheel in alphabetical order and the second numbers from the Naples and Rome wheels.

Just like marking the woods in a forest then, players would need to mark the boxes as “1”, “X” or “2” to participate in the draw depending on their expected numbers to be drawn. There were ranges for all sets, ‘1’ – number drawn between 1 to 30, ‘2’ – number drawn between 31 to 60, ‘3’- number drawn between 61 to 90. Players having their totals either 10,11 or 12 would win prizes.

In 1996 Sisal acquired Enalotto with the decision to change the structure of Enalotto for consumer boost and prevent reverse sales. It was launched as the SuperEnalotto which became active in 1997. 6 numbers had to be selected in the SuperEnalotto game from the range of 1 to 90 selected in a particular manner from the city wheels of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome along with Venice serving the ‘Jolly Number.’

Jolly number is a prize for those who match 5 numbers out of the six main numbers giving a chance to win the bigger prize. If they match the 6th number which is the jolly number then they win the “5+1” prize. Players are not supposed to pick a seventh number to win the jolly number as the numbers are drawn from the remaining 84 numbers after the pick of the big jackpot consisting 6 digits.

First SuperEnalotto Draw

20,36,39,41,72,36 were the numbers that had rolled drawing the first ever SuperEnalotto draw with Jolly number 88 on 3rd December 1997 without holding any winner. With 2 months of its launch €SuperEnalotto had created a huge success of 1000% sales rise reaching 50million entries per draw.

SuperEnalotto first winner begged the prize of 11.8Lire on 17th January 1998 from Poncarale, Brescia.

Since the time Italy adapted Euros as its official currency, SuperEnalotto promoted both Liar and Euros in the jackpot prizes to help players get accustomed to the new currency. SuperEnalotto had the currency change from Lira to Euro with the jackpot prize displaying euros currency on 13th December 2000. First draw to have the jackpot prize paid in Euros was on 2nd January 2000.

Introduction to Superstar

To create more prizes, Sisale introduced the Superstar on 28th March 2006. The numbers could be in the range of 1 to 90 with an increasing number of prizes from 6 to 14. An exciting feature in the lottery to induce excitement and more prizes together.

First Match 6+Superstar Winner

When the jackpot with six digits along with the superstar number are won together, the winner is labelled as the 6+ Superstar winner. Such a celebrated moment took place on the 2nd December 2008 in Rossano Stazione, Cosenzo by 30 players simultaneously in a group.

Independent Draws

SuperEnalotto finally attains its wings by getting autonomous from the Lotto system. On 30th June SuperEnalotto had its first draw with independent draws. The regional system of numbers under the Lotto policies did not have to be followed anymore with venues being Rome for the draw.

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€177Million Jackpot Win

In 2010 30th October the jackpot reached a prize as never before which was €177.7 Million
Jackpot win by a group of 30 members spread across the entire Italy though the ticket was purchased from Milan. This jackpot prize stood the highest prize for the next 9 years.

Cost of a ticket increases with more chances to win

The ticket prizes increased from €0.50 to €1. Players did not have to buy two entries as the new tier of prizes elevated the probability of winning the prize from 1 in 318 to 1 in 20. An instant prize was also an added feature to the jackpot which displayed the quick win of the player worth €25 by simply purchasing the ticket. An assured prize worth €2million was also affirmed to the players.

SuperEnalotto’s biggest jackpot ever

On 13th August 2019, SuperEnalotto broke its own prior records with the jackpot prize of €209.1 million. A single winning ticket was bought at the Bar Marino in Via Cavour 46, Lombardy. It was not only the biggest ever jackpot in Italy but it was also framed as the biggest ever prize won in the entire Europe by a single player.

Reviewing the SuperEnalotto history, there seems to be no doubt about it begging its name in the world’s biggest lotteries. It has waived its presence in the online lottery system also and since a few years the game has been legally established in India through online access. Virtual or physical access to such sung lotteries does not matter but participation to such lotteries with ease does play a major role for its propensity and the marketing area. Keep buying the tickets until you earn your big life changing euro currency jackpot.

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