Is it safe and legal to play online lottery in India?

Is it safe and legal to play online lottery in India?

Play Lottery in India

“Is it safe and legal to play online lottery from India?”, this question itself is a dream for multiple players in India. India has been really tight with the rules and regulations to play the lottery. Out of 29 states, online 13 states are allowed to play the lottery in India. The other states are not banned but the state government of the respective do not approve of playing lotto. Hence, legal play of lottery in India is still a dream in some states. Other countries like the USA, UK, Europe are quite established in the lottery world. These countries hold one of the biggest jackpots in the world attracting lotto players from all over the globe. Lottery in India is legal but only to some extent. Online lottery in India can be defined as uncertain yet safe with the help of a few international lottery websites.

Lottery legal in India

Online lottery for Indian lotteries has comparatively very little access and awareness. Lottery Online like the Powerball, the Mega millions have huge access through legal online lottery websites.

State Where You Can Play Lottery in India

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All those states who have received a thumbs up from their state government to play lottery in India are:

1 Mizoram
2 Nagaland
3 Sikkim
4 Manipur
5 Meghalaya
6 Arunachal Pradesh
7 Assam
8 West Bengal
9 Punjab
10 Madhya Pradesh
11 Maharashtra
12 Goa

Out of all, Sikkim Is the first state to legalize online lottery in India.

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These 13 states have all the legal agreements for playing the lottery in India and get lucky with the life changing amounts in their banks. With the escalating heat for online lottery in India, the Indian lotteries too are opening the wings for the same.

International lotteries have opened the platforms for Indian players to try their luck for online lottery in India through various online lottery websites. Lottoland gives a huge space for the Indian players to try their luck in the international lotteries.


PlayWin is one another online lottery which allows the players from India to participate in the Indian lotteries also.

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International Lotteries in India


Lottery in India has been a tough ride, getting smoother with time. However, players have no boundaries to participate in the international lotteries.

Huge jackpots like the Powerball, Mega millions, Eurojackpot are all open for the players in India through online lottery websites. State government rules do not act as a hurdle there. It only acts when online lottery in India Is being pulled in the regions where legal play lottery online is not allowed.

Buying online lottery tickets in India is very simple. Lottery Online websites like the Lottoland, Lotto Smile, Lotto247, etc. and all provide a green platform for the India players as well. More details for playing lottery in India gets easy with the list of top 5 Indian Websites to Play lottery in India.

Before entering into a website and registering an account, always go through the guidelines and the safety quotient. Majority of them provide high end security and comfort of playing but carefulness is always a must. So peep into the security section and have a word with the experienced players before registration.

Transactions take place smoothly to India. No player has failed to obtain his lottery win. The innumerable players who have won international lottery prizes from India are the biggest example of safety for lottery in India.

Here is a list of the most popular international lotteries

♦ Australian Wednesday Lotto
♦ Australian Monday Lotto
♦ Australian Saturday Lotto
♦ Loteria Nacional
♦ La Primitiva
♦ El Gordo
♦ Bonoloto
♦ Superenalotto
♦ Oz Lotto
♦ Powerball Australia
♦ Eurojackpot
♦ Euromillions
♦ Megamillions
♦ US Powerball

Online Lottery In India

The world is very much aware about the strict laws of Indian states regarding the lottery in India. Only 13 are permitted and the rest cannot participate in the Indian lotteries. Swimming through the sea of rules and security labels, Sikkim has been the first state to legalize online lottery in India. Considering the unnegotiable strict laws, the lottery in India has not attended the peak of success yet.

One of the top online lottery for Indian players is the PlayWin lottery run by the Sikkim state government and available in many other states. Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Sikkim and West Bengal have the access to play lottery in India through PlayWin. The player has to be 18 and above to participate in this online lottery. The Sikkim State Lottery also runs Bumper draws throughout the year.

Safety Measures to keep in mind while buying online lottery ticket

Safety Measures to keep in mind while buying online lottery ticket

  • Check the website thoroughly before registering. You might be aware of the website but not the fall backs of it. Understand the intensity of the transparency that an online lottery website should have to continue the online lottery.
  • Payment method should have more than one option for debit and credit both. They should not ask directly for the personal bank while signing up. Lottery in India is not that a lucid game hence, proper guidelines shall be given for the players.
  • Lottery in India is going to be rigid for the coming years too. So the transactions must include ways through which Indian players can participate in the online lottery.
  • Security maintenance such as end to end encryption Is a major part of security. Hence, it should fall into place and the encrypted code should not be revealed.
  • Purchase of online lottery tickets should be easy and simple. Draws selected should not ask for money before every draw.
    Results shall be flashed on the website soon after the results of the online lottery are announced.
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Yes, it is very safe and accurately legal to play online lottery in India. Lottery in India has always been a controversial debate but things are getting smoother with time. Out of 29, 13 states have allowed to play lottery in India and amongst these, Sikkim was the first state to legalize online lottery in India. With the extreme development and acceptance slowly different platforms like the lottoland, lotto smile, lotto247 allow the Indian players to participate in the International lotteries also. PlayWin plays a vital role in connecting the Indian players and the other lotteries to have an opportunity to win the jackpot.
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