Hyderabad wife lends money to farmer husband who wins Rs.28 crore jackpot

Dubai lottery

Rikkala Vilas, a farmer from Nizamabad district had gone to Dubai for a 45 days trip where he purchased a Big Raffle lottery ticket worth Rs.20,000. He borrowed the money from his wife to purchase the Bug Raffle lottery ticket as he was short of money. The borrowed money did wonders for Rikkala as he won the jackpot worth USD 4 million ( Rs.28 crore).

The farmer returned to Hyderabad because his visa expired. He returned with a whopping amount of Rs.28.43 crores. The amount was much more than he had ever seen in his entire life. He had started to daydream about the utilisation of money. Even though he was not certain about where to use it, he was at least sure of saving it for the future and taking a big house. The Big Raffle draw changed Hyderabadi man’s life upside down.

Rikkala Vilas worked in UAE with a construction site and later worked as a driver. One day before he ended his journey, the sun shined bright favoring his luck.

The Raffle draw takes place once a month and the dates are not pre-decided. They are displayed on the official website of the raffle draw. Special draws take place only after all the tickets are sold. The odds of winning the prize depends on the number of tickets sold for the draw.

How to play the Big Raffle UAE draw?

  • For every Big ticket draw the player purchases, a 6 digit raffle number will be given. On the draw day all the purchased raffle numbers are put in one drum.
  • The next step includes shuffling of the raffle numbers and the tickets are randomly selected out of it.
  • Amidst several tickets, one ticket will be drawn as the main ticket which will reward the jackpot. Small second tier prizes too are availed for the players.
  • There is no limit to the selling of lottery tickets for second tier prizes. But the tickets for the main jackpot or special prizes are limited.
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Hyderabad farmer gets lucky Rs.28 crore jackpot win from wife’s money
Rikkala Vilas, a Hyderabad farmer borrows Rs.20,000 from his wife to purchase the the Big Raffle lottery ticket in UAE. Unaware of the results, he bought the ticket and got lucky with it as he won Rs.28.43 crores. While going to Hyderabad from UAE, his hands were full with such big amount that he had never thought of before.
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