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Odds of winning the Euro jackpot and Euro millions lottery is 1:95,344,200 and 1:140 million respectively which can be presumed as next to impossible. But nothing is never not possible and considering the examples of other lottery winners, trying is a must. Euro jackpot and Euro millions jackpot have spread their sheets wide by making space to play lotto online for the jackpot players across the world. All individuals dream of having a luxurious lifestyle which can be earned overnight either through lottery or casino gamble. Turning your face towards safety along with luxury, the lottery would be a better option for any player. Since the odds to win the jackpot are less than rare, a few tips to play Euro millions and Euro jackpot to ambush the lottery win can be applied. Lotteries are all about luck, a few trial and error with small add ons or tips are always helpful.

GG World Lotto over the Euro millions

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Euro millions jackpot have their own draws whereas the GG lotto does not have their individual draw, they play on the same structural numbers. GG lotto offers higher pay out as compared to the Euro millions along with GG lotto bearing higher odds of winning the lottery game. GG lotto offers a minimum jackpot worth €100 million and the Euro millions lotto offers a minimum jackpot worth €23millions.

The tier prizes also rank higher in the GG lotto games and the odds of winning the tier prizes are way higher than winning the jackpot. Target the tier prizes which are equivalently quantitative. In GG lotto you are supposed to pick 5 main numbers and 2 extra numbers from 1 to 12 which leads to playing 6 lines of identical numbers. Do not forget to cover all 12 possible extra numbers. Out of which if you score 5 correct numbers then you win €500 million plus six times the third tier prize i.e. €2millions.

Play often

The more you play, the more you get familiar with the lottery game. Both the lottery jackpots are available online making it comfortable for players to play from anywhere in the world. Online lottery tickets can be bought from the official sites and the same source also delivers the euro millions lottery results.

Play Euro millions online enabling the subscription in your lotto game which will help to enter into your majority draws. Awareness of the upcoming draws will prepare you to invest and also think strategically to win the jackpot.

Never skip your lucky numbers

Lotto Lucky Number

There are incidences or situations which makes you believe your lucky numbers or maybe the gut makes you pick the lucky numbers. Stick to that and keep rolling those numbers as you never know which numbers will turn out to be the lottery winning numbers. Considering Euromillions and Eurojackpot lotteries to be world famous, lottery result day becomes an eye sticking day for the players who have invested. Amidst this huge fuss of numbers, playing our lucky numbers are beneficial.

Our lucky numbers will stand out avoiding the clash of common pickings. When you win the lottery online then chances of sharing the prize also decreases due to lucky number picking.

Forming Patterns does no profit

Human brain has a tendency to form patterns when it comes to playing the lottery online. To win the lottery online one needs to be cautious with numbers and safety together as nothing can get revealed before the lottery results are out.

Even while you tick numbers on paper, patterns are going to benefit you nothing but loss. Lotteries are a play of luck and a little strategy if things fall right. Try those tips on online lottery tickets avoiding the patterns to win the lottery online.

Grab the vouchers and discounts

National Lottery discount voucher

Never miss out on any discounts or campaigns on lottery tickets and make the best of it. Applying discounts will give you space to buy more tickets for less investment which will double up your chances to win the lottery.

These vouchers are enhanced with many more tier prizes and also gifts other than lotteries. Small or big gifts can also land up to us and any gift, big or small is never denied.

Discounts are a human’s weakness and the word itself pushes people to grab the opportunity as much as possible. Also online lottery tickets are easy to grab at any time at minimal price attached with many other prizes.

People living the dreams of big farms, yachts, expensive cars, etc. can all be fulfilled by implementing a little in the Euro jackpot and the Euro millions lottery. European jackpots won’t disappoint you.