How to prevent yourself from the New Mega Millions Scam?

Megamillions Lottery Scam

Congratulations! You have won the Mega millions lottery. You might receive such e-mail or messages and probably this would be the best e-mail of your life. But Beware of the Megamillions scam. That message or e-mail might be unreal and you might be getting trapped into some false people.

Online Lottery Scam

Mega millions scam is as popular as the Mega millions lottery and have drained out quite a few innocents. All those glitters are not gold and all those emails aren’t true. Identifying the real and scammers are pretty tough as scammers perform their jobs really well. Considering the importance of your own hard earned money, do not get trapped into any online lottery scam. Analyze, recheck and understand before falling into anything.

As loud as we hear about the lottery winnings, equally loud we hear about the lottery scams. There are more scammers out there than the lottery outlets for purchasing real lottery tickets. They are out there to perform master fraud and take your money. So as an individual, it is your duty to be alert and thoughtful. Do not spill your personal beans until you do not find any authenticity.

The small attempt that the scammers make are using words like “US National lottery, Mega millions lottery, Eurojackpot lottery, US Government certified, etc.” to trick the players. Scammers perform many tricks and the most obvious ones are contacting through emails, telephones, social media. They play with human psychology by using tempting words and convince them for sharing their personal info. Once the players send their personal information, money is withdrawn and a lottery scam takes place.

Types of Mega millions scam


Megamillions Email Scam

An email involving your win and the requirement to pay the taxes to claim the prize will be sent to you. Lottery scams begin with the convincing part and then begins the fraud. A link to the website where your winning can be claimed will also be sent to push you ahead.

Player enters the link to check and the scammers link the website with spyware on the victim’s computer. The personal information is sucked through spyware and money is taken away.


One more type of online lottery scam is the mail scam. It is similar to the e-mail scam where they convince the victim regarding their lottery win. They ask the player to send back the tax money in order to receive the full amount of the jackpot. Mega millions scam takes place frequently because of the super slim odds of winning the lottery.

Social Media

Mega Millions Social Media Scam

The victim receives a message on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or any other media for the Mega millions jackpot win. The message created will be so gullible for the victim to get excited and go ahead In the link provided. Even though the link is malicious and fake, it won’t appear as such. They create things authentically while trapping the victim. As entertaining does social media look, equally scary it is for online scams to occur.

Duplicate logo

Scammers imprint the logo in the same ass that in the real Mega millions lottery email. The format of representation is also the same hence, the players find it difficult to identify the fake and real. These plagiarized fake logos and signatures convince the players in all ways and before anyone could save, the online scam is already committed.

Text message

A text message is received by the victim for the Mega millions lottery win. Scammers asks the victim to enter their bank details and personal information for transferring the whole jackpot prize. Scammers implement specific area codes to trick the players into the false win.

Tips to prevent yourself from Mega millions scam?

  • If you receive a notification regarding a lottery win for which you haven’t purchased the lottery ticket then Be alert. There is no way where you can win a lottery without purchasing a lottery ticket.
  • Mega millions lottery is played only in the USA and if you receive any email regarding your win in a country outside the USA then it is a Mega millions scam. Mega millions lottery do not allow any players outside the jurisdiction for lottery winning.
  • Be aware if the email comprises grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and lacks authenticity in the email. There is no possibility for the real Mega millions lottery to deliver an email with such silly mistakes.
  • Scammers mention “ keep your win suspicious.” Get the hint that this is not your real and walk away before you get trapped
  • No real national or international lottery tells the player to give a certain amount to receive the entire prize. There never has to be any giving before the win. This indicates that it is a scam and you have not literally won any Megamillions jackpot.
  • Real lotteries have an account of the player on the official lottery website. There are never direct transactions into the bank account. The Winning prize is always debited into the lottery account from where the player can transfer it into the bank account as per wish. So if anyone asks for your personal bank account number then do not give.
  • If a number Is given for verification then that number too is a part of the lottery scam. Do not contact that number rather, look for the country and the real contact of the lottery office for verification.
  • Once you are trapped into the Mega millions scam it is very very tough to step out of it. So prevent yourself from getting into it.
  • If you doubt that a scammer is calling you to trap into the Mega millions scam then, hang up the phone. If the conversation is long then your name and contact might come into target.

Megamillions Lottery FAQ

Do you need more information Mega Millions Lottery related query ? Contact us and we’ll be glad to answer you.

How can we prove that the Mega millions lotto game is not rigged?

There is only one way to identify if the Mega millions lottery is rigged or not which is the Blockchain technology. Slowly and gradually blockchain technology is making the system as transparent as possible reducing the number of scams all over.

Who won the Mega millions in 2020?

September 15,2020 – $120 million won by Adrian Tongson of Racine, Wis.

July 31,2020 – $22 millions won by Douglas Cummings in Mira Loma, Calif

July 24,2020 – $123 millions won by anonymous player in Glendale, Ariz

February 11,2020 – $202 million won by anonymous player in Edison, N.J.

How much do you win if you match 2 numbers in Mega millions?

2 numbers means out of that one will be the mega ball and one will be the main number. This leads you to winning $4 as the prize. If you apply megaplier then maybe you can exceed the prize.

What is the Mega millions worth?

For the next draw the Mega Millions jackpot is worth 1 billions on Friday night, 22/01/21.

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How to prevent yourself from the New Mega millions scam?
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