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History of French Lottery online

French Lotto is the one of the biggest lottery online making individuals happy with the grand prizes. French Lotto is managed and run by La Françoise des Jeux. The concept of lotteries was introduced in 1505 by King Francis. Along with nurturing vineyards and baking the best desserts,France lottery has developed an expertise with online lottery play for the individuals. French lotto winning numbers excite multiple players as it rolls the draws thrice a week.

French lottery has sharpened its play in offline lottery and online lottery together.Carrying the history since 1505, it is difficult to stay constant in the high competition with other national lotteries in the lottery Industry.

How to play the French Lottery Online

Players can buy tickets from the nearby in-store or lottery tickets online. To grab a chance to win the France lotto, pick 5 numbers from the pool of integers from 1 to 49 and one more number called the Lucky number from a smaller pool of 1 to 12.

The lottery tickets purchased online have to be filled in the same way as the physical lottery ticket. Register yourself with the required details.

Players can play the French lottery online at theLotter also. Easy and authentic tickets are available to play lottery online.

French Lotto results are drawn thrice a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 GMT.

Pick numbers using Quickpick which involves Random number generator or manually number picking is also equally valid.

How to win the French Lotto?

There are never any certain rules that make a player win the jackpot. But a few tricks that can help win the jackpot or at least the second tier prizes.

To win the jackpot, 5 main numbers and one lucky number should match the French lotto winning numbers.

The online lotto play offers 8 winning prizes besides the jackpot which comprises matching only the lucky number to varied other combinations. Hence, the odds of winning the French lottery online are high.

The prize amount of the French lotto begins from €2millions with the assurance of handing out higher prizes if it is rolled further. Every time the draw is rolled over, €1 million increases. The jackpot’s capability roll has been noted down to be 34 times.The largest jackpot won so far was on 6th June 2011, worth €24 millions. The jackpot prize rolled over for 11 times starting from €13 millions and stopped at this amount.

Jackpot: 5 Numbers Plus Lucky Number

Tier 2: 5 Numbers
Tier 3: 4 Numbers
Tier 4: 3 Numbers
Tier 5: 2 Numbers
Tier 6: Lucky Number

These are a few second tier combination prizes in the French lotto online play which can ignite the players to win the jackpot.

French lotto online Previous Results, 2020

2nd December- 14,23,27,40,46,1

30th November-9,18,26,28,29,3

28th November-2,9,25,35,47,10

French lotto results 2020 have swayed a millions with its drawings held thrice a week. National lotteries generally are drawn twice a week whereas the France lotto results are drawn thrice a week giving wide opportunities to play and win.

The thrill is raised high because of more drawings and the authenticity of the game remains stagnant, sparing less time to goof up any other scams.