How to play and win the Wisconsin Supercash lottery?

Wisconsin Supercash Lottery

Wisconsin Supercash Lottery

Lotteries reflect your luck and patience but also demands a lot of effort from your end. Wisconsin Supercash lottery is one of the very popular lotteries all over the world due to the wide online access. The Wisconsin Supercash lottery has been running since 1988, handled and managed by the Lottery Fund. This lottery develops quite a good level of excitement among the players as it rolls out the Powerball lottery, the mega millions etc. Wisconsin Super cash rules changed from 6/36 game to 6/39 game from 23rd October,2005.

Over the years, the Wisconsin Supercash jackpot has put $9.1 plus prizes to the winners. 50% of the total revenue is poured in the winning prizes. Wisconsin Supercash lottery tickets are spread across the country at licensed lottery stores for purchasing.
The odds of winning the Wisconsin Supercash jackpot is 1 in 3, 262, 623 or 1 in 1, 631, 312. Jump into the game, study the pattern, purchase the lottery ticket and start playing. With comparatively low odds of losing the game, you might at least win a second tier prize.

Other reasons too are attached to winning the lottery above only being a bright day for the player. Of course luck is vital, but the inputs given too have to be considered. Purchasing the lottery ticket, understanding the lottery game, analyzing the past results and being patient are all the concerning factors to win a lottery.

Simplest rule out of all is “to win the Wisconsin Supercash jackpot, a lottery ticket has to be purchased.”

Further, let us dive into the method of playing the WI Supercash lottery.

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How to play the Wisconsin Supercash lottery?

  • The player is supposed to pick 2 sets of 6 numbers from the integer pool of 1 to 39 and mark it on your play slip. The numbers can be manually selected or the Easy Pick option is also available for automatic random number generation.
  • One ticket costs $1. Players can select playing up to 7 consecutive draws to increase the chances of winning the jackpot
  • The Wisconsin Supercash lottery gives the player a chance to double the non-jackpot prize with the “Doubles” option.Doubler option is applied to the second tier prizes after each drawing is rolled out. If the player is allowed to apply the option then, the second tier prizes are multiplied using the Doubler option.
  • The lottery pattern is affirmed with the continuous marking of the lottery numbers which eventually turn into winning numbers. The prizes are given away depending on the total numbers matching the winning ticket.

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Tip and tricks to win the Wisconsin Supercash Lottery

Lottery players have to implement several tips and tricks to win the jackpot. It is not an easy task to win the Wisconsin Supercash jackpot as it seems. Selection of mindful Wisconsin Supercash winning numbers is also a major aspect affecting the win. There are various tools and techniques available which can make the number selection process easy.

The techniques to utilize for winning the jackpot include adapting Frequency Test, Tightness test, Transition matrix and Lottery wheel. These tools can provide you with precise information regarding Wisconsin Supercash numbers. Analyzing the past results, the current trends are identified leading to an easy solution for picking numbers.

There are many other ways for participating and winning the lottery with less odds of winning and high accessibility.

1.Odd & Even mix of numbers

6 numbers are to be picked from 1 to 39 so prefer picking a combination of hot and cold numbers. Avoid biases towards only or only even numbers. The mix of hot and cold numbers often gives positive results. Sticking to one type of number or a corner is going to make no sense for the players.

Make patterns such as 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3. 81% of times these types of patterns win the jackpot.

2.High and low numbers

Divide the given range into 2 and you will be able to identify the low and half numbers. In the range of 1 to 39, 1 to 20 is the low half and 21 to 39 is the high half. Selecting numbers from both the half is advisable. Wisconsin Supercash winning numbers are never drawn from only one half.

There is only 1 % chance of numbers drawing from either of the half and not from both.

3. Lottery Number group strategy

Players often ask about the importance of research and analysis of the past drawings. Well, the past drawings will acknowledge you with the numbers that have never been drawn. For eg 06,15,18,31,33,39, these numbers do not consist of any digit from 20s. It deciphers that the numbers from the 20s are least picked hence, avoid picking such numbers when you play.

4.Hot and Cold Number strategy

While you go through the past results of the Wisconsin Supercash lottery, you will come across the highly popping and the least popping numbers. The numbers which have struck for more number of times are called the hot numbers. While the numbers with the least striking are called the cold numbers.

You can pick the most favored numbers and try hitting the hot numbers in your lottery ticket. You can also try picking a number which has not come for the past 70 times. Assuming that this time may be the turn of that number.

5.Pools and Syndicates

Try participating in Lottery Pools and syndicates and they are always harmless. Indulging into a pool or a syndicate might increase your chances of winning the lottery. More the number of tickets, higher the chance of winning the jackpot.

As more tickets are purchased, more numbers are picked hence the odds of winning the lottery escalates. Tips and techniques to grab the Wisconsin Supercash jackpot gives a great push to win. When you play, try your hands on these tips to have a chance of winning. Wisconsin Supercash lottery numbers provide jackpot and second prizes which makes it more interesting to play.

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How to play and win the Wisconsin Supercash lottery?
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