How To Play And Win In SuperEnalotto?


There are just a few simple steps that you need to follow in order to get a chance to win the SuperEnaLotto.

Step 1: Choose the numbers
You have the option to choose six numbers from 1 to 90. It can be any numbers which you want to choose and each number would cost 1 Euro. The maximum numbers you can select is 10 which can be combined into various combinations that help you win strategically.

Superstar superenalotto

Step 2: Select Your Superstar
A superstar number costs Euro 0.50 extra and is drawn separately from a ball machine consisting number from 0 to 90. The number can be a part of your regular number as well. There is no need to select a different one. If you get the superstar right, you get Euro 5 for it. That is a great deal. If you get the superstar right and match one number, you Euro 10 and it goes on till 6, where you get the jackpot plus Euro 2 million. It helps to increase the prize fund in a great way.

There is no more way to win big with SuperEnaLotto which is through getting the jolly number. This is an additional number beside the regular 6 number and the superstar number. It helps to increase the chances of winning more. If the players match the 6 main numbers and the jolly number, they get the special prize dedicated to “5+1” Jolly number which depends on the odds can get around Euro 592099.18. If you get the 5 correct and the jolly number, plus the superstar, you get an even better chance and win around Euro 1592099.18.
win big money

Step 3: Select The Draws
You can choose to enter 2 to 15 draws in SuperEnaLotto. If you want to enter a single draw, you can just leave it blank and you would be in it.

Step 4: Check The Results
If you play online, there is no worry as you get the stored in your online account. But if you play through a retailer, keep the ticket safe to collect the winnings. Without the tickets, the winnings won’t be given. If you win in any of the above ways, you get cash or cheque for the smaller amounts and for the larger amounts you get it transferred to your bank directly. The winnings need to be claimed within 90 days and 12% tax does get deducted if it exceeds over 500. The cash can be collected from dedicated centers located in specific areas.

It is a great way to have some fun and earn good money in doing so with the variety of options available to increase the chances of your winning.