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Mega Millions - Check Your Number

Mega Million lottery is one of the biggest US lotteries attracting more than a million people globally to play the Mega Million lottery winning number. This lottery is conducted in North America with a few state jurisdictions not allowing the lottery game hence, those state players need to purchase the lottery tickets though jurisdictions. Mega Million lottery tickets can be purchased in-store along with online lottery tickets being available from varied official and secure websites like the Lottoland. Players have to pick a set of 5 numbers from 1 to 70 and the 6th number from 1 to 25. The basic prize of the ticket is 2$ with a few states providing a megaplier worth an extra 1$ to multiply the prize won by 2,3 or 4 times.

MegaMillions Draw Numbers

Check the Megamillions Winning Numbers –

Are you holding a mega million lottery ticket? Enter to the website of mega millions which will be presented with 6 boxes. Enter the digits of your tickets with the date range and get to know the results of all 5 years.Number combinations that would have been drawn will be reflected. Winning numbers, previous drawing, list of megamiilions lotto winners, all will be displayed in one click.

To play the lotto game,Lotto-blog provides all the instructions stepwise which can be read and played further. Mega million winning lotto numbers are also shown on surfing which makes it easier for all the players to analyze the pattern.

Mega Millions - Check Your Number

Mega Millions Lottery Insight 

Mega Million lottery results are drawn every Tuesday and Friday at 11pm. considering the draw being held twice a week, the frequency of the players to play and win increases though the odds of winning the mega million jackpots is roughly 1 in 302.6 million. The last jackpot was drawn on 27th October 2020 when the jackpot prize was worth $109 million and the cash option was $83.2 million. Now the jackpot prize on 31st October is worth $118million and the cash option is $91.4 million.

Mega Millions Results

Previous Mega Millions Jackpot Winning Numbers –

On 27th October the winning of the jackpot ticket were 6,13,34,46, 62 and the mega ball number was 1. No winner was claimed and so the jackpot prize for 30th October raised to $118 million.
With 5 numbers matching the winning ticket, the player wins the mega million jackpot prizes and the match of 6 numbers enables the players to try the mega pliers, available only for the second prize winners.

Megamillions lottery winning numbers on 9TH October 2020 were 5, 11,25,27,64, 13. On 6th October, 2020 the winning numbers were 15, 16,18,39,59. Such are the numbers drawn in the mega millions lottery jackpot. The 5 numbers selected are white balls and the sixth number selected is the red ball.

Other top lotteries of the world namely The Powerball, The Euro jackpot, Euro million, La Primitiva serve the same system of lotto game except the Megaplier catch which only The Mega millions allow.

Mega Millions lottery happens to deliver the jackpot prizes to the winners in all possible ways and also they deliver an official email, message and several notifications on the registered mobile number for their prize winning notice.
Check the Winning Results – Mega million lotteries deliver the results on all the official websites consisting of this lotto game. The players who have registered for the draw are informed with notifications on the sight.

Online lottery tickets are to be purchased online; similarly the results of the draw are to be checked online on the night defined.

The stores which sell tickets also deliver the results on their TV or on a placard board with all the required notices.
Winning lottery tickets are to be claimed under 180 days of the announcement. A ticket is invalid for winning until claimed for payment under the Commission’s validation prize. A list of previous winners with the lottery winning numbers is provided by the official websites on mailing them the need.

Price of a ticket is worth $2 and an extra dollar for those wanting to play megapliers to multiply their rewards into 2,3 or 4 times.

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