How I Made Money From Lotto, It’s Piece Of Cake.

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Many people around the world try their luck at Lotto in order to win big money or side money for them daily. It is not something that all people consider morally right and feel guilty when they lose. I felt the same way until I found out about this incredible way of making money by playing Lotto. It is a really simple way through which you can make money even if you lose. Yes! Even if you lose.

There is a site called lottery master which allows you to make this possible. They have a system which ensures that you win even when you lose. Here’s how it works and how you can make money from Lotto easily like it’s a piece of cake.

Step 1: Register To The Site

The only requirement to register to this site is that you need to be 18 years of age. The best thing about this site is that it is completely free for life. There no charges for registering to this site and it is really simple to do so as well.All you need to do is to provide some basic details about yourself.

  • Your Name
  • Your Email address
  • Your Phone Number

Make sure you provide the right details about yourself as the site informs winners by calling them. Once you are registered, we move on to the next step to making sure that you earn money with ease.

Step 2: Share It Friends, Family & Lotto Lovers

The next thing you need to do is to make sure you invite everyone you know that plays or might be interested in playing the Lotto. There is a big reason for this as the more people that you invite increase the chances of you making more money. You can send them the link through email and even post the link on social media to invite people to join you. This will benefit both parties as the people who join will also be able to do the same that you are able to. It is a simple tier system which keeps growing with new members being added to it. It goes up to 5 tiers that allow you to earn a good amount of money in a week.

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Step 3: Play And Win At The Same Time

The LotteryMaster is a site that allows you to win through the tier system which is really easy to understand that helped me win money with ease. The people that you refer to become the first tier, the ones they refer to become the second tier and so on till it gets to 5 tier.

The benefit of referring people to make these tiers is that you get a percentage from each tier when someone purchases a ticket. There is no additional effort required from your side.

How Do You Win Money Exactly?

Suppose you spend 10 euros a week on lotto and your friends do the same. For the money that you have invested on your own, you get 0% share from it, but the money that tiers have invested provide you a share of their money. If the first tier also invests 10 euros like you do, the share that you get from them is of 10%, the second tier will get you 5%, the third tier will get you 3%, the fourth will get you 2% and the fifth will get you 1%.

If you are still wondering how that will work, here is a table to explain exactly how it will.

This table is showing the income and investment on weekly basis.

Each Referral Network Size Weekly Spendings Your Share In Tier Income
1 1 10 0% 0
5 5 10 10% 5.00
5 25 10 5% 12.50
5 125 10 3% 37.50
5 625 10 2% 125.00
5 3125 10 1% 312.50

Here you can see that the network size keeps growing as the people you refer will refer other people and it will keep growing. Here even if you have grown to only two tiers you will be able to earn 5.00+12.50= 17.50 euros per week. If you have the whole 5 tier network, it would mean that you would earn 5+12.50+37.50+125+312.50= 492.50 euros monthly which would result in 1970.00 euros monthly.

Isn’t this a piece of cake? All you need to do is invite people to join to play and every time each one of you plays, you win!. This is the best and safest way to earn money by playing Lotto.

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Why I Use LotteryMaster?

  • It is free for life and easy to join.
  • They offer a 5 tier system which no one else does.
  • They do all the work and calculate the winnings for you.
  • Even if you don’t spend any money and your tiers keep playing, you get 5% of the total income.

This is completely risk-free and safe way of gambling that has made me good money weekly by just inviting people to play and investing a little. By far, the best way to gamble I have come across and would recommend you to try it as well.