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what is La primitiva lottery

Get to know all about the La Primitiva Lottery

La Primitiva lottery stands as one of the top 10 lotteries of the world from Europe and also one of the ancient lotto games, spacing in Spain.It was in the 18th century that the nation had come up with this lottery to incur wealth in the state which travelled all the way to the modern age. Spain seems to have a liberal and captivating nature and so does the La Primitiva Lottery has it allowing the players to play the jackpot from any corner of the world. Multilotto gives opportunities to players to bet from any corner of the world without visiting Spain or knowing it’s language. Start trying your luck with the top Spanish lottery by purchasing an online lottery ticket and have the striking change to win a life changing fortune.

How to play La Primitiva Lottery?

how to play la primitiva lottery

Play your heart out with La Primitva lotto’s extremely cost effective lottery ticket price. To win the jackpot 6 main numbers are to be selected from 1 to 49 and one bonus ball from 1 to 9 called the Refund ball. Initially, the La primitiva lottery had a very different format for playing which seemed complex. With passing time and acceptance to the modern times, the format reflects cost effective lottery tickets, huge jackpot prizes and chances of successive rollovers. Such a user-friendly format attracts mass brimming the economy of the Spanish lotto online.

Spanish lotto results are drawn on every Thursday and Saturday at 9:30 pm. Spain’s clock is ticked according to Central European summer time during summers and the rest of the year according to Central European time.

Madrid, at headquarters of the betting and lottery agency of the state, is the place where the La primitive winning numbers are rolled for the draw making the players fortunate enough with huge prizes.

Biggest La Primitiva jackpot

La Primitiva jackpot flags the highest worth of €66.6million before the Euromillions invaded its way stamping the lottery jackpot prize of €160million. This lottery is still considered as highly preferable by the Spanish crowd because of it having higher odds to win than Euromillions Jackpot.

The bigger jackpots have higher jackpots because of the innumerable rollover taking place. Rollovers happen because the odds of winning the top lotteries are rare hence, la primitive is given optimistic measures by the Spanish lotto players.
While playing La primitive jackpot, focus on the lowest jackpot, average jackpot and other tier prizes. Minimum jackpot raises €3million, average jackpot flags €10million and so on…..

It offers an extra number called Reintegro number which allows the player to win other tier prizes and does not affect their odds of winning the main jackpot.

It gives an experience of a national lottery and trans-national lottery both together.

Good Ods to Play La Primitva

The odds of playing la primitiva is 1 in 13.9 million whereas the odds of winning Euro Million is 1 in 139million and for megamillions and powerball it happens to be 1 in 300 million. As compared to other ranked lotteries the odds winning la primitive are higher though not an easy task.

Considering it to be a rarest win and so people would invest into higher rated ones but how sure are you to win those lotteries or even for the la primitive. The chances of winning any top lottery are pretty slim and unbeatable so try where you can reach.
La primitive can be played from all areas of the world and in this way the Spanish economy gets a boost up. Considering the players’ psychology they will love to spend unless they have hopes of returns.

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