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Every Indian player dreams of winning a lottery once and having a luxurious life. It is not that easy to have access to lottery in India as that in the foreign countries. Out of all the gambling games, Lottery has been the only play of luck accepted in India. Implementing lottery in India was a dream come true for all those keen to play the lottery and earn easy quick money. Human nature gets attracted towards lottery winning very easily as it demands less hard work.

Lottery in India

Anyhow, lottery wins are all about luck and abundant patience. If players expect that Lotto India will make it easy for them to earn money then they have assumed it wrong. Striking luck and patience is vital to win the jackpot.

Lottery play is basically an escalated version of the gambling but in a decent and transparent manner. Understanding of Lotto India started settling when legal laws were passed in India. It began 1867 when The Public Gaming Act was passed.

The lottery was established in Kerala in 1967. Later, all the states followed up the path.

Playing Lottery in India

Easy chase of money is every individual’s one of the top weaknesses. Buying lottery tickets in India and winning the life changing amount has been crazy. Only 13 out of 29 states are allowed with legal online play of the lottery. It involves very less risk but very high hopes. It comes under one of those games which demands luck and patience instead of too much money. Lottery in India has lottery tickets priced at a very low rate.

All the 13 permitted states have different rules and regulations for lottery. None of them have the same jackpot prize or any rules. It differs based on the past reactions of the local behavior, amount that the local will be able to earn, acceptance of the state towards it.

The 13 states who have been legally permitted to play lottery in India are:

1.Arunachal Pradesh






7.Madhya Pradesh






13. West Bengal

Revealing the details of most rarely talked about lotteries in the world.

1.The Kerala Lottery

The Kerala lottery has been the foremost lottery in India which kickstarted in 1967. Lotto India comprises 13 states after Kerala began the first step. The first lottery ticket was announced in 1967 and the first award given was worth Rs.5,000.

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The Kerala lottery play structure underwent more than one change to make it the most acceptable lottery structure. Having seen the craze overseas for the lottery, they never want to down the players’ expectations. For years the Kerala lottery was operated by the Finance department. Later, it was shifted to the Taxes department as the ultimate goal was to generate taxes out of it.

The Kerala lottery results are drawn on a daily basis at a particular time which is pre-announced. After flagging the high success rate of the lottery system they invented segments- special “bumper” lotteries for their four annual ceremonies: Vishnu, Onam, Dussehra, and Christmas marking the importance of festivals in India.

Kerala Daily Draws

Lottery Draw Day Jackpot
Win-Win Monday 65lakh
Sthre Sakthi Tuesday 60Lakh
Aksatha Wednesday 60lakh
Karunya Plus Thursday 80 Lakhs
Nirmal Weekly Friday 60 Lakhs
Karunya Saturday 80 Lakhs
Pournami Sunday 70 Lakhs

There are segmented lotteries depending on days, weeks and festivals. The names of the draws differ along with differences in the jackpot prizes.

Kerala Bumper Lotteries

Bumper Lottery Draw Time Jackpot Value Ticket Sales Information
Christmas New Year Bumper Lottery January 6 Crores Tickets sold in December
Summer Bumper Lottery March 4 Crores Tickets sold in the summer
Vishu Bumper Lottery May 5 Crores/td> Revelling Kerala’s exclusive spring day off
Monsoon Bumper Lottery July 2 Crores Ticket are sold in the Monsoon season
Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery September 10 Crores Fete of the Malayalam New Year
Pooja Bumper Lottery November 4 Crores Ticket sales in October

2.The Sikkim Lottery

The Sikkim lottery is one of the vital lotteries in Lotto India. It is the largest draw in Lotto India with huge payouts. The Sikkim lottery results are drawn everyday. It is run under the Sikkim Government. It was the first state to have legalized lottery system

Lottery Draw Days Jackpot Size
Dear Smart Morning Monday 26 Lakhs
Dear Fresh Morning Tuesday 26 Lakhs
Dear Starter Morning Wednesday 26 Lakhs/td>
Dear Breeze Morning Thursday 26 Lakhs
Dear Early Morning Friday 26 Lakhs
Dear Bloom Morning Saturday 26 Lakhs
Dear Wake Morning Sunday 26 Lakhs

It offers lottery tickets online through the app called Play Win and also through its official website.
The Govt keeps changing the schemes sometimes and it puts a brief poster for the same. The most popular Sikkim lottery is the Dear Morning lottery.

Lottery Draw Month Ticket Price(Rs) 1st Prize Reward
Dear New Year Bumper 01.01.2020 500 2 Crore
Sankranti Bumper 22.01.2019 500 2 Crore
Saraswati Bumper 14.01.2019 500 1.25 Crore
Shri Holi Bumper 19.03.2019 500 1.00Crore
Baisakhi Bumper 16.04.2019 500 1.50 Crore
Diwali Puja Bumper 02.11.2019 500 10 Crore

3.The Punjab State lottery

It is entirely regulated by the Punjab state Government. The Finance department has been managing the lottery since 1968. They create the bumper lotteries every month and also determine the names of the lottery and the number of lottery tickets that will be issued for that particular draw. The dates are also determined by the finance department itself.

In this state, the dates are determined to mark different types of the year in Indian calendar and all of these dates have different jackpot prizes. There are a few bumper prizes where the jackpot is worth Rs.1.5 crores. The different draws and bumper prizes are listed below with precise understanding.

Punjab Bumper Lotto Summary

Bumper Lottery Draw Month Jackpot Amount Tickets Sales Information
New Year Bumper January 2 Crore A fete of the new year
Holi Bumper 3 March 3Crore Revelling the Holi Festival
Rakhi Bumper March 2 Crore Fete of Raksha Bandhan
Baisakhi Bumper May 2 Crore A fete of Punjabi New Year
Diwali Bumper November 3 Crore A complement to the light fete of Diwali

Numbers in the tickets range from 000000 to 999999 and the lottery tickets cost approx. Rs. 100 or 200.

4.Arunachal Pradesh Lottery

It follows the same lottery structure as the Kerala lottery system It has daily draws for the lottery players. Out of the 2, one draw is named after the zodiac signs and the other is named after the precious metals and stones.

5.Assam Lottery

The Assam lottery is known as the Bodoland lottery. It is regulated by the Assam State government. It attracts a lot of lottery players as the lottery tickets are available legally at the nearby stores. Also, the lottery play is easy and it is transparently handled by the government only.

6.Madhya Pradesh Lottery

It is one of the very popular state lotteries in the counting of Lotto India. It is very easy for the players to buy the lottery tickets right there on the streets. There are several stalls filled with colorful bright lottery tickets for the players to catch eyes. Lottery has been criticized by some for not following state regulation and also selling tickets from draws in other states.

7.Maharashtra lottery

It was developed right after the Kerala lottery success. Also the same lottery structure was adopted with a few changes in it. They developed this lottery with a motive to decrease illegal gambling in the state and the country.

Revenues raised from the lottery game are poured into the welfare of the public like education, sports, raising girl children, etc.

8.Maipur Lottery

It is very similar to the Kerala state lottery and it was re-legalised after being illegal for several years.

9.Meghalaya lottery

Meghalaya lottery comprises 7 daily draws with legal lottery affiliation. It is legal since 2 decades and the lottery tickets can be bought from the legalised retailers only. Meghalaya lottery results are drawn on their official website also.

10. Mizoram lottery

It differs from the other state lotteries. The lottery tickets are cheaper than many other states with smaller grand prizes. They open the lottery ticket play at 3pm everyday.

There was interrogation on how the lottery tickets are oriented and advertised and was found to be against the state federal laws. Since 2017, there has been no clearance in this matter.

11.Nagaland lottery

It was soon established after the Kerala state lottery with draws being conducted everyday. It was also the first state to legalize poker. The daily draws are named after birds- hawk, eagle, falcon, parrot, vulture, flamingo and ostrich – with bumper lotto’s on special days.

12.West Bengal lottery

It is one of the most popular lotteries in the whole India. It confirms the highest favored lottery in Lotto India as it was the first one to adopt online lottery ticket sales. It is named as the Sambad lottery. Amongst all states, this state offers the highest ease in buying lottery tickets in India.

13.Tamil Nadu & Karnataka state lottery

It carries the same structure as the Kerala lottery but currently these two lotteries have been banned for play.

Lottery is not illegal in India with the changing times but its spread is not that high as those in the international states.

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Guide to Lottery in India for Indian players
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