Grandmother keeps £1m lottery win secret

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Reading, a Millionaire Winner was shocked by two times in one day. First, she found that she won £1million.

Di Foster, a grandmother of three, signed into her National Lottery account via the app on April 25 after receiving an email stating she had won a prize, only to discover she had won £1,049,669 on Lotto.

Another surprise awaited the 62-year-old when her seven-year-old grandson presented her with a wish list of things he wanted from his now billionaire grandmother.

“As soon as he heard the news, my oldest grandson, Hayden, disappeared with a sheet of paper and colored pens,” Di added.

We didn’t think much of it until he emerged a few minutes later with a charming “shopping list” of items he’d like me to buy him and his brother Theo amidst all the noise and excitement.

“I won’t be able to give him everything he wants, but Hayden, Theo, and their cousin will all get something.”

“When I got the email saying I’d won a prize, I went to the National Lottery app to see what I’d won, and when I read £1,049,669, I was ecstatic.” I was completely taken aback. I live alone and have built a support bubble with my daughter’s family, so I snatched up my coffee and dashed over to Kelly’s to double-check that I wasn’t hallucinating.”

Di didn’t see things, so the duo called Camelot to confirm the victory. “When the person on the phone confirmed I was a billionaire, my daughter had to offer me a drink of whiskey to calm me down.” – I just burst into tears of joy,” Di said.

Di and her two daughters, Kelly, 27, a cafeteria controller, and Jodie, 23, a waitress, are incredibly close, so security for all three of them is at the top of Di’s wish list.

“This triumph means I can buy a house for each of my daughters, as well as one for myself; we’ve already begun looking,” she said.
We want to be nearby to each other so that I can spend as much time as possible with them and my grandchildren.

When it comes to future plans, Di is excited about the prospect of purchasing a cottage for the family to enjoy stays, as well as a shopping spree.

Di purchased her winning Lucky Dip ticket for the Lotto Must Be Won draw on April 24 using the National Lottery app.

The jackpot must be won in a Must Be Won draw, either by one winner or by all-cash winners – Di was one of three winners who shared the Lotto prize that night.

The winning Lotto numbers for the April 24, 2021 draw were 16, 24, 29, 30, 32, 38, with one as the Bonus Ball.

Every week, players help raise an average of £30 million for National Lottery Good Causes across the UK by playing any National Lottery game.

This money is used to support a wide range of causes, from a local charity to national athletes. Over £42 billion has been raised and delivered to National Lottery Good Causes through over 625,000 individual grants to date.

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Grandmother keeps £1m lottery win secret
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Grandmother keeps £1m lottery win secret
A grandmother who won £1m on Lotto got very emotional after hearing. A lotto winner Di Foster aged 62, got two shocks in one day after hearing the winning news. First, she received a winning email; then, she opened the app to check the winning amount and realized that she really won an immense amount. The winning lottery numbers were 24, 29, 30, 32, 38 and bonus ball 1.
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