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The Daily millions lottery was a US Lottery game associated with the Multi-state lottery association. The Irish National lottery is played on every weekday now and is drawn twice a day. Initially, the Irish daily millions results were drawn on all the days including the Sundays. Beat the everyday hustle with the Daily millions results.

With the Daily millions lottery the players are betting on the outcome of Financial markets such as Dow Jones Industrial Average & the S & P 500. Online lottery Tickets of the Daily Millions lottery are widely available on the official website and other active lottery sites.

Daily millions lottery results can be won by playing the Irish lotto online. Since the lotteries are interconnected giving the players a chance to participate in both simultaneously, it attracts mass lottery players. To play Daily million online, certain rules have to abide by the players. The Irish National Lottery vividly pen down the guideline to play Daily millions online tagged with steps to enter the Irish lotto online.

This Irish lottery game is very popular amongst the players as the results are drawn everyday twice. The engagement of the players increases as the odds of winning the Irish Daily millions results is 1 in 28 i.e. comparatively less than the other international lotteries.

The players can also plunge into the option of playing Daily Million Plus – a supplementary game with a top prize of €500,000. Draws take place at 2:00pm and 9:00pm. Odds of winning the Draw millions supplementary are 1 in 14.

The Irish daily millions results are drawn twice a day for all weekdays at 2pm and 9pm respectively. The jackpot prize is worth €1 millions for the players. Other second tier prizes are also available for the players to make the Irish lotto play online more interesting.

Daily Millions Results - Lotto Blog

How to play the Daily millions lottery?

  • The Daily Lotto millions or the Irish lotto is played offline and online. To play Irish lotto online is very easy to understand. In the offline play, choose the ticket and mark it with 6 numbers on the play slip.
  • The 6 numbers from the range of 1 to 39 can be manually randomly selected or the QuickPick option is available for automatic random number generation.
  • While the player selects to play Irish lotto online, select at least one line of the ticket flashing on your screen. Pick the numbers randomly or select QuickPick option for automatic random number generation. Also if the player has played previously then the same numbers can also be reselected.
  • My Favorites option allows the players to store the favorite numbers and reuse it in all the draws.
  • The next step is to select and deselect the “Daily Millions Plus” option. Choose the numbers from Advance play option from the range of 1 to 7.
  • Before the numbers are submitted, the players will be asked to recheck the numbers. After that, ready steady go.
    Click the “Play” option to start playing Irish lotto online.
  • An email to confirm the numbers will be sent and later an email if the player wins. Also the winning numbers will be notified through email if the player wants.
  • Advance Play option allows the player to play up to 7 draws in advance by clicking the Advance Play option. The ticket will reflect the number of draws and the numbers being played. The lottery ticket costs €1 per play.

Daily Millions Results - Lotto Blog

Winning Prize tiers in the Lottery

  • To win the jackpot, all the 6 numbers have to match the winning ticket. Besides the final jackpot prize, there are 7 different prize tiers available for the players.
  • The Daily million jackpot is worth €1 millions whereas the Daily million Plus jackpot is worth €500,000. The prize amount is not rolled over to the next draw as it is a daily draw with a fixed amount. Other prizes also have fixed amounts. If the jackpot is won by more than one then it is equally divided into all.
  • If the total prize pool exceeds the set amount in either segment then the prizes are lowered than usual. In the Daily Million Prize if the total exceeds €5 millions then the prize is lowered. For the Daily million prize plus if the total prize exceeds €2.5 millions then, the prize is lowered.
  • The chances of winning the Daily million Plus is higher than the Daily million jackpot. Detailed demarcations of the prize values are shown below.


Daily Million Number Matched Winning Numbers Odds of Winning
6/6 €1,000,000 1 in 3,262,623
5/6 + Bonus €10,000 1 in 543,771
5/6 €500 1 in 16,993
4/6 + Bonus €100 1 in 6,797
4/6 €25 1 in 439
3/6 + Bonus €10 1 in 329
3/6 €3 1 in 33
Overall odds: 1 in 28

Daily Millions Lottery Plus

Daily Million Plus Number Matched Winning Numbers Odds of Winning
6/6 €500,000 1 in 3,262,623
5/6 + Bonus €5,000 1 in 543,771
5/6 €250 1 in 16,993
4/6 + Bonus €50 1 in 6,797
4/6 €15 1 in 439
3/6 + Bonus €5 1 in 329
3/6 €2 Scratch Card 1 in 33
Overall odds: 1 in 28

0verall odds when Plus is played: 1 in 14

Players are very well acknowledged with the game rules of the Irish lotto online as the guidelines describe it well. Understanding of the players in play Daily Millions lottery results online and Daily Lotto plus online have raised higher than before. The payouts and high access attract the players on a large scale for playing the Irish Lotto play online.

Daily Million: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is the daily millions ever won?

There have 3 jackpot prizes won in the Daily million lotto jackpot. 33 prizes were won in the year 2020. The daily millions results are drawn twice in a day for all the weekdays.

2. What is the daily Millions draw?

The daily millions jackpot is worth €1 million. It requires the player to select 6 numbers and one bonus number from the range of 1 to 39.

3.Can I buy an Irish Daily Million Plus ticket online?

The Irish Daily million Plus ticket is widely available online on the official website and also on other official lotto game websites. The lottery ticket costs 1 euro.

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Get to know all about the Daily Millions Lottery
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