How to Play the LOTTERY (FAQ)

Lottery FAQ

Lottery play is famous all over the world creating utmost awareness through online lotto play. Since time immemorial, the lottery has been an integral part of quick money making. With passing time, all the national and international lotteries have adapted the advanced technology. Lottery tickets are now available as lottery tickets online also. Numbers are picked, jackpots are won and delivered to correct winners, all in just a few clicks on electronic devices. Players have constant queries on how to play, safety measure, prizes ,etc.

Let us dive into a few important FAQs on the lottery system.

Lottery FAQ

#Question 1 – How late can the US Powerball tickets be bought?
The US Powerball lottery is the most famous lottery globally. Lottery tickets online are available and can be participated in from any corner of the world. Purchasing the tickets is closed 2 hours before the draw online and offline. US Powerball results are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday on the official website. Jackpot can be claimed any time within a year of the drawing.

#Question 2 – Do you have to be a US citizen to purchase the lottery ticket?
You do not have to be a US citizen or US resident to play the US Powerball lottery. Jurisdiction players can purchase the lottery tickets from any legal vendors. The age limit to purchase the lottery ticket is 18 and above. Lottery tickets online confirm the player’s age through identification proof. Adhering the rules lottery tickets can be purchased from anywhere. If the player wins the prize then taxes above federal and state will be charged concerning the country they live in.

#Question 3 – What is the play structure of the Mega millions lottery?
The Mega millions lottery is an easy to understand and play lottery game. The players are supposed to pick 5 numbers from the integer pool of 1 to 70 white numbered balls and one mega ball from the range of 1 to 25. One more ball called the Megaplier ball is to be selected from 1 to 5. The Megaplier feature allows the second tier prizes to be multiplied by 2x, 4x, the number drawn out. Megaplier is not applicable to the jackpot prize.

#Question 4 – What are the Mega millions prize tiers?
The Mega millions lottery players are supposed to pick 5 balls from a pool of 1 to 70 and 1 ball from a pool of 1 to 25. If the player matches all the numbers of the winning ticket then the jackpot is claimed.
The total lottery prize money is divided into 9 tiers

1 5 main numbers + mega ball number $49,530,000.00
2 5 main numbers Operating costs
3 4 main numbers + mega ball number $10,000.00
4 4 main numbers $500.00
5 3 main numbers + mega ball number $200.00
6 3 main numbers $10.00
7 2 main numbers + mega ball number $10.00
8 1 main number + mega ball number $10.00
9 Mega ball $2.00

#Question 5 – If I win the Euro jackpot lottery, how long do I have to claim a prize?
The Euro jackpot lottery has no clear time period to claim the jackpot. It depends in which country the jackpot was claimed and in which country you live in. The claim of the jackpot is easy if you live in an in-house state but a little long process if you live in some other country. If the lottery has been purchased online, then you don’t have to worry at all. The lottery organization will connect with you via email or message and then the further jackpot claiming can be commenced.

#Question 6 – Does the Euro jackpot have a rollover limit or jackpot cap??
The Euro jackpot prize can be rolled over up to €90 millions. If there is no winner after the jackpot reaches this amount then the excess amount raised through the ticket sales is rolled down to the second prize tier which is defined as the second jackpot. The second jackpot can also roll upto €90 millions.

#Question 7 – What is the Euromillion jackpot prize??
The Euromillion jackpot prize begins at €17 millions. The largest jackpot so far has been worth €190 millions in the year 2019, October.

#Question 8 – What is a UK Millionaire maker???
The UK Millionaire maker is an additional feature in the Euromillion jackpot play that is held in the UK. For every single line of Euromillion numbers selected, a unique code Is given onto the ticket which is entered into the raffle draw. This gives the player a chance to win a €1 million prize.

Along with UK Millionaire there is also a Euro million maker added to the game. It is the same as the UK Millionaire but is added on special occasions.

#Question 9 – In the El Gordo lottery, are the prizes tax free???
The prizes below 40,000 euros are all tax free. The prizes above 40,000 euros have 20% tax added to it. When the players receive the prize, they receive the deducted amount only. You do not have to give back the 20% from the entire amount. A list of tax percentages deducted will be given to the winner on receiving the prize for better clarity.

#Question 10 – Which currency is used to play the El Gordo lottery?
The El Gordo lottery can be played in any currency. There will be options available to choose to see the prizes in your currency. The bank will automatically offer the conversion of the whole amount. There is no hurdle at all regarding the currencies. If played from the official website or any other authentic lotto play website then there will be no problem faced. Just save yourself from any fraud.

#Question 11 – Does the Oz lotto have a rollover limit or a jackpot cap??
The Oz lotto keeps on rolling over until it is won. Hence, the Oz lotto provides a huge jackpot to the players. The minimum jackpot prize is AUS $2 millions. The biggest jackpot won so far has been worth AUS $111 millions.

#Question 12 – Are there taxes attached on the jackpot winning on OZ jackpot??
There are no taxes for the players within Australia. Overseas winners might have tx additions from their own country which applies. So if you are not from Australia then you have to contact the local tax authority regarding the tax percentage to be paid.

#Question 13 – What is the Super start number in the SuperEnalotto lottery?
It is an additional number in the lottery that gives you more chances to win the prizes. It is drawn from a separate ball machine containing a total 90 numbers. It costs €0.50 per entry. It enhances the entire game and increases the chances of winning the prizes.

#Question 14 – Can I choose the same number as the main number and a SuperStar number??
Yes it is okay to select the number as the main number and the super start numbers as the drawing takes place from two different ball machines. So it is highly possible and this step won’t take you out of the game.

#Question 15 – How to win the Lotto 6/49 lottery?
To win the Lotto 6/49 jackpot all the 6 main numbers should match the winning ticket. To begin with other tier prizes, at least 2 main numbers out of the 6 should match the winning ticket.

#Question 16 – When is the next Lotto 6/49 draw?
The next Lotto 6/49 draw will take place on the 30th December, Wednesday. The Lotto 6/49 has no roll over limit so this might have a very huge jackpot prize.

#Question 17 – How much does one Lotto 6/49 cost?
One Lotto 6/49 ticket is worth $3. However, if the player purchases a lottery ticket online then an extra handling fee will be charged to the player.

#Question 18 – When does the AU Powerball draw take place and how many numbers should match??
The AU Powerball draw takes place every Thursday night at 8:30p.m. AEST. The players are supposed to pick 7 numbers from the integer pool of 1 to 35 and one Powerball number from 1 to 20.

#Question 19 – What are the different types of entries available in AU Powerball??
The players can enter in the standard way where they can pick their own numbers or there is always A Quick Pick available. A few more ways are Power Hits, Pick 5 and Pick 6 entries to play the lotto game.

#Question 20 – When do the sales for Lotto Max ticket sales close?
Cut off times for buying Lotto Max tickets differ in all states. The best option is to check with the local officials regarding the Lotto Max ticket sales closing time. The draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. If the lottery ticket online is purchased then it should be booked 3hours before the draw to avoid any last moment hassle.

#Question 20 – What is the tax rate on lottery winnings in the US?
When you claim to win the lottery in the USA, your winning amount is spread in annuity or a reduced lump sum amount. The winning amount is tagged with 24% of federal taxes followed by 37 % marginal tax rate. After you finish draining your winning amount to taxes at two junctions, it is yet not done. 8% or more state tax is due. The state tax varies as per where you live. At the end, the player pays above 45% tax and the remaining becomes his winning amount. The tax rates leaves the player with hardly any amount to define it as a jackpot winning amount.

#Question 20What are the chance of winning the Euromillion
The odds of winning the Euromillion are 1 in 13,983,816.

Lottery players get restless to win the lottery hence, they have innumerable questions. It is easy to understand the lotto play but it is tough to win one. Answers to all the questions have been jotted down in the Lotto Blog for the players to learn the lotto play better. At any hour of the day, Contact Us to solve your lotto queries.